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Good Morning, Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier market star.

High-Yielding High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock Benefiting from Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is trying to fight inflation by raising interest rates.

More “Stagflation-Lite”, Moderately Positive On Equities Ex Europe, Still Negative On Global Bonds

Our mid-March meeting’s “unenthusiastic” stance on global equities and negative stance on global bonds was a respectable decision, as was the overall macro theme “Stagflation Lite with GDP somewhat worse than consensus, but skirting recession.”

Energy Crunch vs. Consumer Freeze: What Are Stocks Signaling?

US energy stocks are outperforming consumer discretionary stocks by the widest margin in more than 30 years. Does this mean surging energy prices will trigger a deep freeze in consumer spending?

3 Charts Showing Optimism For The Global Shipping Industry

Container shipping companies have not been immune to the disruptive factors roiling markets at the moment, namely rising interest rates, soaring inflation and a potential recession, not to mention war in Eastern Europe.

Time to Jump Aboard the Value Train

The market has spent much of 2022 worrying about inflation and associated interest rate rises, and Growth stocks have certainly borne the brunt of this.

Buffett, Jones and Hamm: An Oil Wisdom Trifecta

Someone once said, “Better than being smart is knowing who is!”

Power of Representation: the 'Us'es'

To celebrate Pride Month, four PIMCO executives share their perspectives on inclusion and diversity in the workplace and the importance of visible representation.

Oil Price Reversions – The Inevitable Outcome Of Recessions

An oil price and energy stock price reversion may be starting.

ECB in the News

Senior Sovereign Analyst Jon Levy answers some key questions about the European Central Bank's latest moves.

We're Not Already in a Recession

Real GDP declined at a 1.5% annual rate in the first quarter and, as of Friday, the Atlanta Fed's "GDP Now" model projects zero growth in Q2.

Re-discovering the Market’s Sweet Spot

There’s a tendency among investors to conflate exposure to the S&P 500 with exposure to the broad market, even though these stocks are almost all large caps.

Of War And ESG

Sustainable investing needs to adapt to new realities without compromising its core principles.

I Haven't Seen Bargains This Good in 20 Years

This bear market is punishing everyone and everything.

A New “Pink Tide” in Latin America?

Latin America tilted further left this week as Colombian voters elected Gustavo Petro as president. Come August, the former Bogotá mayor and member of the M-19 guerrilla organization will join the region’s growing list of leftist leaders in a political shift some are likening to the “pink tide” of the late 1990s and early 2000s.