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Three Minutes on India

Portfolio Manager Peeyush Mittal, CFA, offers his views on the outlook for India, the coming elections and longer-term themes.

How Tax-Healthy Are Your Clients’ Portfolios? The Form 1099-DIV Can Tell You

Not all investment returns are the same. Some are taxed at a higher rate than others. The Form 1099-DIV can help you analyze the Investment Tax Health of your clients. By looking at how much the investor received in different investment returns, you can calculate how much federal tax they will need to pay.

Altman’s $7 Trillion Semiconductor Vision: Impact on AI?

OpenAI leader Sam Altman made headlines earlier this month, touting a semiconductor project requiring trillions of dollars.

Chart of the Week: Advisors Looking at Municipal Bonds Choices

Investors continue to turn to low-cost core taxable bond ETFs in 2024. The Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) and the iShares Core Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG) gathered $2.5 billion and $2.1 billion, respectively, as of late February.

When Readers Speak

Today, we have a different kind of letter. I’ve been in California for some rather innovative and hopefully life/health span-extending medical treatment.

The Surge In Bitcoin ETFs And Its Potential Impact On Gold

Bitcoin and gold were both top of mind at this past week’s 2024 Investment U Conference in Ojai, California, which I had the privilege of presenting at.

I Think I Know What OCIO Is … but What the Heck Is a Strategic Partnership?

An investment program with dedicated but limited internal resources can extend its staff through a strategic partnership with an external investment solutions provider.

Designing Multi-Asset Income: It’s Complementary

Multi-asset income strategies are becoming more popular, but some may bake in more risk than expected. The key is designing complementary exposures.

Spot Ether ETFs Riding Tailwinds of Bitcoin ETFs

This week bitcoin prices reached over $60,000 — the highest level since November 2021. Since the launch of spot bitcoin ETFs in early January, demand continues to pile on. So far the nine new spot ETFs (ex-GBTC) have seen over $7 billion in net inflows.

Bitcoin Could Pilfer Market Share From Gold, Says Expert

Bitcoin has long been referred to as “digital gold.” In what would likely amount to good news for the cryptocurrency and related spot ETFs launched in January, at least one expert believes bitcoin could eventually wrest market share from the yellow metal.

Small Cap Stocks May Be At Risk According To NFIB Data

Recently, retail investors have started chasing small-cap stocks in hopes of both a rate-cutting cycle by the Federal Reserve and avoiding a recession.

Beating the Blob

Why the traditional methodology for bond index construction needed a new, investor-focused approach.

Exploring All Options

Rob Tayloe discusses fixed income market conditions and offers insight for bond investors.

Great Expectations: Aligning on Workplace Benefits

The 2024 survey found US workers are prioritizing higher compensation and the ability to save more for retirement. At the same time, employers’ perceptions of what workers are seeking has diverged. In this piece, our Jacque Reardon shares findings from the survey and potential implications for employers.

European Sovereign Debt: Is the Periphery a Problem?

Sovereign debt levels soared during the pandemic, and countries at the eurozone’s periphery may look high risk. But appearances can be deceptive.