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BTRY for Battery

Today, I am going to bring a new technology, and a new company, to your attention – a company in control of a technology so powerful that lithium-ion batteries could soon become yesterday’s story.

These Sectors Are Standing Out For H2 2023

Energy and information technology are the two sectors most top of mind for investors, according to polling at VettaFi’s recent Equity Symposium.

CD or Treasury? Five Factors to Consider

Certificates of deposit (CDs) and Treasuries both can offer steady, predictable investment income—but how to decide between them? Here are five factors to help you choose.

Japanese Equities—A Force Awakens

From inflationary tailwinds for earnings growth to corporate reforms that unlock shareholder value, multiple regime shifts are underway to restore the appeal of the Japanese equity market, according to the Templeton Global Equity Group team.

Navigating Credit Markets Today – A Q&A With Mark Kiesel and Jamie Weinstein

Public credit markets offer high quality investments with attractive yields and downside resilience, while we see growing longer-term opportunities in private markets.

Professional Investors See Crypto Prices Rising

Prices of bitcoin and ethereum haven’t done much to spark enthusiasm in recent weeks. That lethargy could be belying significant appreciation potential.

A Predictable Pullback in Equity Markets

Downside equity market volatility can be unsettling, but it is important to put the pullback in perspective and identify the drivers of the negative market reaction. First and foremost, the equity market was due for a modest pullback.

Rocking with RAFI: International Evidence

With negligible incremental risk, a RAFI Global Index hypothetically outperformed a Cap-Weighted Global Index by 40 bps per annum and a Cap-Weighted Global Value Index by 2.2% from 2007 to 2022—a 16-year period covering the long value rout and its aftermath.

Compound Market Returns Are A Myth?

“Compound market returns.” During bullish markets, there is inevitably a regurgitation of this myth that was contrived to extract capital from retail investors and place it in the hands of Wall Street.

What Mattered This Week? The Real Economy

How Muni Impact Investors Can Help Issuers Ace Their ESG Tests

The degree of success of muni impact bonds often stems from showing issuers how they’ll be graded.

2 Active ETFs to Help Shield Against Volatility

The S&P 500 has fallen almost 3% within the past month, highlighting the volatility that typically hits at the end of the summer. For volatility through the end of 2023, investors may want to consider two active ETFs from American Century.

5 Growth Stocks To Turbocharge Your Portfolio With Double Digit Earnings

Chuck Carnevale, Co-Founder of FAST Graphs, a.k.a. Mr. Valuation has 5 really interesting growth stocks for you in today’s video. These are companies that have double-digit earnings growth that can be bought at attractive valuations based on that growth.

Stress Testing the Foundations: Analyzing the Vulnerability of Us Banks To Falling Commercial Real Estate Values

The commercial real estate sector’s continued challenges could potentially impact US banks. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income’s Shawn Lyons discusses the ongoing commercial real estate crisis and how US banks are safeguarding themselves against these issues.

Getting a Pulse on Preferred Stocks

Preferred stocks are what’s known as hybrid securities, meaning the asset class displays both equity and fixed income characteristics.