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Debt Limit Drama

The US federal budget is on an unsustainable path…but not for the reasons that most people think.

Are Inflation Targets Still On Point?

Now is not the time to consider changing inflation targets.

Stagflation! Is NOW the time to buy Precious Metals?

Gold has historically performed well during stagflation, a period of high inflation and high unemployment.

A “Soft Landing” Scenario – Possibility Or Fed Myth?

Optimism is increasing on Wall Street, with investors hoping for a “soft landing” in the economy.

Growth Pains

In stock investing there’s a management style called “growth at a reasonable price” or GARP. It seeks to achieve steadier results by avoiding both expensive growth stocks and beaten-down value stocks.

I Asked ChatGPT to Write About Airline Deregulation in the U.S. Here’s How It Went

Since its launch in November, ChatGPT has been a smash hit. To explore the benefits of airline deregulation in the U.S., we sought the help of the AI content generator.

Stagflation! Is Now the time to buy Precious Metals

It is believed that during stagflation, investors tend to turn to gold as a safe haven asset as the economic and financial conditions are uncertain. Additionally, gold is seen as a hedge against inflation, as its value is not tied to any currency or government.

Elephant in the Room

The current debt ceiling debate in Congress is a great reminder that investors should always prepare for the unexpected and invest in companies that are durable enough to withstand a range of economic scenarios.

Are Inflation Targets Still On Point?

Now is not the time to consider changing inflation targets.

Things in Atlanta are Dropping Like a Stone

The Atlanta Fed Flexible CPI is a price series developed by the Atlanta Fed to capture the price of items that change the most frequently.

Weekly Market Guide

Review the latest portfolio strategy commentary from Mike Gibbs, managing director of Equity Portfolio and Technical Strategy.

Small Cap Pioneers Share Their Investing Principles

As Royce Investment Partners, the pioneers of small cap investing, celebrate their 50th anniversary, Chuck Royce and Chris Clark take a look at the past 50 years to provide a take on what they have learned and how it guides their views on what is yet to come for the asset class.

The Buck Stops Here

US dollar cycles are long.

European Outlook: Less Downside Now, But Caution Still Warranted

Focusing on high quality and liquidity when taking risk in portfolios will be key in 2023, as pressure on monetary policy remains intense.

The “Pain Trade” Is Higher For Now

Thepain trade” is likely higher over the next few weeks.