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3 Airline Stocks to Consider as We Head into the Busy Summer Travel Season

Summer is right around the corner, and traditionally that’s when families pack their bags and get away for a well-deserved vacation. Since this is the first summer travel season in three years that feels like the before times, airlines and airports are bracing for what is expected to be a particularly busy three months.

Rock and a Hard Place

It looks like the economy will grow for a while, just not very fast. And we simply don’t know what will happen when the Federal Reserve tightens in the face of a slowing economy. Housing is clearly slowing, as are certain kinds of consumer spending. But consumers seem intent upon spending on experiences and travel. I’ve been traveling this week, and I can tell you the hotels and airports are full, as well as restaurants. This may give the Fed additional room to tighten without hurting growth.

Overvaluation Is An Obvious Mistake That Can And Should Be Avoided

I believe one of the most dangerous behaviors is the willingness to invest in highly overvalued stocks.

Inflation: Higher but Not Forever

High inflation and the consequences of attempts to curb it are a top concern for today’s investors.

Texas Is Now Home To More Fortune 500 Companies Than Any Other State, And I’m Not Surprised

Texas now leads the nation in the number of Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in the state.

An Inflection Point in the Labor Market?

As everyone knows, the labor market has been quite strong, with expectations for the unemployment rate to fall further next week.

Storing Cash

For investors wondering where to store cash, comparing the maturity profiles on Treasuries with their “risk of loss” history can help reveal where value might lie within shorter maturities.

Don’t Bet on a Soft Landing

With “Team Persistent” having clearly prevailed over “Team Transitory” in the debate over the nature of today’s surging inflation, the question now is whether prices can be tamed without also causing a recession.

The Disinflationary Impact Of Fed Policy On Equities

The disinflationary impact of Fed policy on equities is coming.

Looking to the Futures: Natural Gas at New Highs

Low inventories drove natural gas prices to their highest level since 2008, while above normal temperatures are putting additional stress on natural gas supply.

Can the Fed Pull Off a Soft Landing?

As market volatility rages, Raymond James CIO Larry Adam believes the Fed will likely engineer a soft landing and avoid a severe recession.

Quick Thoughts: Global Investor Forum 2022

The Franklin Templeton Institute hosted the Global Investor Forum last week in New York featuring internal and external speakers with expertise across economics, history, foreign policy, sustainability and investment management.

Responsible Investing Roadmap: Part 1

There is increasing awareness among investors of the important role that responsible investing plays in a well-diversified portfolio.

On My Mind: Overdue Reality Check for Fed and Markets Has Barely Begun

Investors’ expectations that interest rates will not rise much may be very misguided.

Despite the Gray Mood, Skies Are Only Partly Cloudy

The outlook for credit amid rising inflation, monetary tightening, and war in Europe.