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The Risk Of Recession Isn’t Zero

As we discussed recently, Wall Street economists increasingly believe the risk of recession has fallen sharply.

10 Super FAST Growth Stocks At A Reasonable Price (GARP)

You can get rich in investing in growth stocks – people have done it for decades, but you’ve got to pick the right ones and you also need to make sure that you are buying them when the prices and values make sense – growth stocks at a reasonable price!

The Dangerous Incoherence of US Trade Policy

America’s political leaders have resorted to playing the blame game to convince voters that they are fixing the country’s trade deficit. But by going after China, they are ignoring the root of the problem – the American government’s unchecked spending – while increasing the risk of a full-blown superpower conflict.

Five Dynamics That Could Drive the Financial Markets

As we set our sights on the summer, here are five dynamics that could drive the financial markets between Memorial Day and Labor Day:

Bill Walton’s Insane Brilliance

The news of Bill Walton’s death from brain cancer hit me hard. In the Portland Memorial Coliseum, there were 12,665 seats, and I had one of those top-row nose-bleed seats for the sixth game of the NBA finals in 1977.

When it Comes to 529 Plans, “Target” Enrollment Portfolios Can Miss the “Mark”

Ross Riskin's op-ed examines the potential drawbacks of using glide path portfolios in 529 college savings plans, particularly during high-interest rate environments. He suggests that money market options may offer better capital preservation for funds needed during college enrollment, emphasizing the shift from growth to stability in investment strategies.

Virtual Asset Evolution: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges for Individual Investors

High-net-worth investors and family offices are increasingly interested in alternatives, including tokenized assets. As this interest grows, partnering with adaptable jurisdictions is crucial for navigating market uncertainties and leveraging these emerging investment opportunities.

Advisors’ Top 529 Questions, Answered

Our recent 529 Month webinar focused on how 529 plans are used, the impact on federal financial aid, and expanded uses. Here are some of the leading topics discussed.

Quality and Growth: Striking a Balance

When the economy is picking up steam, growth stocks offer the potential to capture market gains. But hallmarks of quality—including sustained earnings growth and sound underlying fundamentals—may help weather economic headwinds.

Bursting the Myth: Understanding Market Bubbles

What exactly is a market bubble, and how can investors recognize one?

Disruptive Theme of the Week: Defense Technology

Disruptive theme of the week: A confluence of factors have combined to make defense technology a compelling ETF investment theme.

Bitcoin and Ether Differences ETF Investors Should Know

Potential spot ether and spot bitcoin ETFs share some similarities but foundational cryptocurrency differences matter for investors.

As Recession Risk Abates, Get S&P 500 Income Exposure

Risk of a recession is abating as the capital markets could see interest rate cuts this year with signs of cooling inflation.

Skating By The Trap Door (Motherlode II)

With the market seeming to skate by the trap door of extreme valuations and unfavorable internals without consequence, the push to new highs in the past few weeks has created the impression of a runaway advance.

Ex-Factor: Housing Holds Some Economic Keys

The housing market looks to be on the road to recovery, but not without significant scarring for a considerable portion of potential homeowners.