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A Bit About Bob

Do you have a Peloton bike? Follow Bob Huebscher, Advisor Perspectives CEO & Founder, during the 7AM EST Peloton class on Wednesday 3/21.

Three Emerging Trends That Are Upending Our Profession

Last year, I made a number of bold predictions about how the advisory profession is evolving, and what firms are going to have to do to stay ahead of the curve. How have my predictions held up? Here are three transformations that will force every advisory firm to adapt.

ExxonMobil? Think Again

GE retaught investors the great lesson that things that cannot go on forever don’t. Hopefully, ExxonMobil investors will heed that lesson.

The key to using active funds: Setting client expectations

Prepare clients for active fund volatility.

Five Photo Shoot Tips for the Perfect Website

If you’re giving your website a makeover, an investment in photos of your actual team (as opposed to tacky stock photos) is a great way to give it a personalized feeling. Here are five things to do and (more importantly) what to avoid to have it come out like the perfect Ansel Adams.

Gundlach Disagrees with Mnuchin and Powell

On inflation and Fed policy, Jeffrey Gundlach disagreed with comments made by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. But Gundlach’s views were in line with the consensus on those key issues – inflation will not spike dramatically higher and the Fed will continue with its planned rate hikes.

The Relationship between Economic Growth and Stock Returns

Economic theory posits that investors require high expected returns when cyclical consumption is low in economic contractions and low expected returns when cyclical consumption is high in economic expansions. New research is consistent with that theory.

The Laws of Economics Still Apply to Amazon

A big part of Amazon’s success came from not being taken seriously by its competition. But now, fear of Amazon has reached paranoia levels. The laws of economics, however, still apply to Amazon’s announced health care venture.

A Path Forward for the CFP Board

The CFP Board set out fiduciary duties for all advice. Its statements are clear and strong. This is an important step. But alone, it falls very short. Why?

How to Conduct Effective Staff and Team Meetings

Today, I will answer two important questions about conducting staff meetings: What topics to discuss and how often to schedule staff meetings.

Five Advisor Analogies That Are as Tired as the Mother of a Newborn Baby

I’ve never been as exhausted as the three times I brought children into this world. Hard to believe, but here are five things that are even more tired and worn out than that. If you’re using these analogies in your marketing, put them to rest.

A Ground-Breaking Path to Differentiation

Here’s my recommended response to the question, “How are you different?”

The Characteristics that Make a Great Leader

We are grooming three young people to be successors to our founder. What should we expect of them?

A New Platform that Offers Insurance Products to Fee-Only Advisors

David Lau is the founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, a firm focused on the distribution of commission-free insurance products geared toward the RIA and fee-based advisor channel. In this interview, he discusses his suite of products and related services.

How Advisor Groupthink Will Destroy Wealth

A recent article summarized the predictions of 500 advisors for the 10-year returns for a number of asset classes. If advisors construct portfolios based on those forecasts, they will destroy significant portions of their clients’ wealth.