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Five Surefire Ways to Lose a Prospect

It’s been challenging to limit this list to five surefire ways to fail to convert a prospect, but these will be a good start.

How to Make More Effective Hires

Getting hiring right is crucial to both the candidate and your firm’s success – but how can you get it right?

Don’t Let Risk Tolerance Questionnaires Kill Your First Client Impression

Every household has a life event annually that will impact their investment objectives and risk score. Improve your first impression by utilizing a robust risk-tolerance questionnaire.

Random Walk Part 1 – A Random Walk down a Dead-end Street

This is the first of a four-part empirical research study into the fallacy of the “random walk” view on investment reward and risk.

Are Cryptocurrencies the Best Investment Opportunity of the Next Decade?

This is part one of a comprehensive primer on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

World Leaders are Taking Investors Down a Dangerous Economic Path

Stock market performance has not been driven by the improving health of the global economy. Just as negative interest rates are not a positive for the continued health of the economy, current stock market performance does not augur rosy future returns for stocks. In fact, the opposite is true.

Investing for Returns or Investing in ESG Strategies: A False Dichotomy

The emergence of “responsible investment” solutions has created an opportunity for clients to approach their portfolios more holistically and in line with their beliefs and values. The historical perception of a trade-off between optimizing returns and reflecting values is a false dichotomy.

Keynesian Spending Does Not Lead to Higher Debt

In the 80 years since Keynes published his General Theory, few questions have been as controversial as whether or not government spending can stimulate a weak economy. New research shows that stimulus spending indeed does work, even for countries facing high debt burdens, unemployment and inflation.

The Value of Focus

I’ve worked hard to build a very successful advisory firm over the last 20 years. But recently I am distracted and unable to focus on the core issues with my business.

Gundlach: “I’m Not Really Bullish on Bonds”

Jeffrey Gundlach, one of the most respected bond managers in the world with over $100B in fixed-income assets under management, fears that interest rates are going up.

How to Convert the Alpha Male Prospect

Converting the alpha male is surprisingly easy if you follow these simple rules.

A Six-Step Plan to Track Prospects

This article will walk through six steps you can take to ensure that transitioning prospects into clients is a successful venture.

Vanguard’s Chief Economist – Automation is Not Killing Jobs

Rapid technological advances are transforming the global workplace. But fears that automation will permanently destroy American jobs are misplaced, according to Joe Davis. Instead, the jobs that require “uniquely human” skills will proliferate, Davis said.

New iPhones Are Not Enough to Keep Apple’s Stock Going; It Needs a New Category

While the company is run by very talented people who will do a great job getting us excited about the categories of products they are already in, the company’s genius died with Steve Jobs.

Don’t Throw out Anomaly Studies Just Yet!

In his recent article, Michael Edesess argued that multiple empirical “anomaly” studies and the wide use of regression are ruining finance research. While some of his points are valid, his conclusion that the entire set of academic studies should be discarded goes too far.