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Balancing Yield and Risk in a Changing World

Enhanced yield is still available – a selective and broad approach is key.

The Unexpected Way Advisors Can Boost Profits

I have plenty of time in my schedule, which permits me to take on new business, expand my writing and engage in other work-related activities. Here’s my secret, which I’m happy to share.

The Other Side of Sexual Harassment

The focus of the sexual harassment issue is on women being victimized by men. I, however, have been victimized by women in business as well as personally.

How Advisors can be Great Storytellers

The most successful sales people and advisors effortlessly build quick and strong personal connections with clients. By being great storytellers they come across as more empathetic, human, and personable.

Why Referrals are Down – and What to Do About It

Advisors tell me referrals are “drying up” – and industry data backs this up. Here are the reasons behind this trends and what advisors should do to restart the flow of high-quality referrals.

Why Target-Date Funds are Out of Date

The following are some commonly asked questions and concerns I’ve heard from advisors about 401Ks, target-date funds and retirement.

The Unambiguous Tax Deferred Retirement Account

This article is in response to Kerry Pechter’s article, The Ambiguity of Tax Deferral. In contrast to the idea that there are different, but valid, ways to look at traditional tax-deferred 401(k) and IRA accounts, I show that there are right and wrong conceptual models. Wrong models lead to wrong decisions and do not explain outcomes.

The Best Strategy for Retiring Without Adequate Savings

Most research on retirement strategies assumes that people have saved adequately. But data on household savings shows that many households fall short, and will need to call on relatives or other sources for support. This raises questions about the best withdrawal or annuity strategies when savings are insufficient. It turns out that which strategy works best is different than for adequately funded retirements.

Back-tested strategies: Real or random?

Some are real. Others are random.

Why being authentic is best for connecting with clients

7 tips to keep clients happy

Five Lessons the CIA Learned from ISIS and Al-Qaeda

We decided to remove this article, particularly in light of the tragic event in New York City this morning. We were reporting on a talk given by John Brennan, a former CIA director. But, in retrospect, we believe it is inappropriate to take lessons from organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. We apologize for publishing this article.

Eight Questions to Answer When Naming Your RIA Firm

Ever since I wrote my last article about naming an RIA firm I’ve been inundated with requests to review firm names. I appreciate that! But I also want to clarify what you need to understand about your brand before you can come up with the words to capture it.

Gundlach: The Goldilocks Era is Over

Easy monetary policies during the post-crisis period have propelled equity prices higher and driven bond yields lower. But as central banks reverse their quantitative easing (QE) and raise rates, this “Goldilocks era” will come to an end, according to Jeffrey Gundlach.

The Hidden Cost of the FIFO Rule; How Long will Growth beat Value?

With changes coming to the tax code, we look at its impact on investors and how long growth stocks will continue to outperform their value counterparts.

Does Your Firm Need a Sexual Harassment Policy?

Is it prudent for me to reach out to the women in my firm and ask whether I have done anything that made them uncomfortable?