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Helping Clients Avoid the Painful Cost of Identity Theft

Unfortunately, attempted identity theft is a way of life in 2023, and it has been for me personally for a decade.

Performance Persistence Matters

Are persistent outperformance and long-term alpha closely linked or is it possible to deliver alpha without being persistent?

How the Greatest Female Poker Player Reduces Risk

Annie Duke’s latest and best of her books, Quit, is on making decisions under uncertainty.

The 10 Most Important Things I Tell Clients

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve told clients many very important things. Most of them are timeless, which is why I find myself saying the same things repeatedly. Here are the top 10, and I’ve saved my most important for last.

Historic Crash for Memory Chips Threatens to Wipe Out Earnings

The memory-chip sector, famous for its boom-and-bust cycles, had changed its ways.

Why Have Equal-Weighted Portfolios Outperformed the Market?

Equal-weighted portfolios have long outperformed cap-weighted funds. Conventional wisdom is that was because of the small-cap factor, but new research shows more is at play.

Dollar's Decline Is a Rare Nasdaq Tailwind as Earnings Loom

While tech investors have plenty of issues to worry about as the sector heads into a key week for corporate earnings, one notable headwind from last year has eased in recent months: the dollar.

Bitcoin Barrels Toward Historic January as Crypto Market Jumps by $280 Billion

Bitcoin is set for its best January since 2013 on bets that monetary tightening and the crypto-sector crisis are both ebbing.

Fed's Wall Street Clash Sets Stage for Powell’s Hawkish Message

Jerome Powell and Wall Street are headed for another face-off this week as the Federal Reserve seeks to slow its inflation-fighting campaign without signaling a readiness to stop.

Stocks Are Poised to Hit New Lows This Year, Survey of Investors Shows

Investors have little confidence in US stocks even after this month’s surge, fearing weak corporate earnings could drag them back down.

BuzzFeed Shares Surge 120% on Plans to Embrace OpenAI

BuzzFeed Inc. shares surged by a record on news that the digital-media company plans to use OpenAI to bolster some of its content creation.

Panasonic Sees Potential for Another EV Battery Plant in US

Elon Musk’s response to wavering demand and recession risk is pretty clear: slash prices, keep increasing capacity and try to continue growing even if it means sacrificing profit margin in the short term.

Key Inflation Gauge Cools Further, Paving Way for Smaller Fed Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measures eased in December to the slowest annual paces in over a year while consumer spending fell, helping pave the way for policymakers to further scale back the pace of interest-rate hikes.

Investors Flock to European Stocks Leaving US Behind, BofA Says

Investors are chasing European stocks at the fastest pace in nearly a year, while US equity inflows remain muted amid concerns of a recession, according to Bank of America Corp.

Wall Street Rides Loan-Market Rally to Sell Risky Buyout Debt

Slowly but surely, investment bankers from New York to London are chipping away at the tens of billions of dollars in leveraged buyout debt that remains famously stuck on their balance sheets.