Richard Bernstein: Valuations Matter and How to Reposition Allocations

Concerns around high equity valuations and rising asset prices are finally manifesting. In this webinar, Richard Bernstein will examine the critical shift in the markets - focusing on the anti-tech trade, cyclicals, consumer staples and other areas where RBA is finding opportunities and isolating risks.

At Richard Bernstein Advisors (RBA) we employ a disciplined, top-down approach – we generate alpha by uncovering global investment styles and themes where we believe there are disparities between fundamentals and sentiment. And in current markets, disparities are large.

We seek to beat the market through individual stock selection. We are focused on fundamentals – with particular emphasis on corporate profit cycles rather than economic cycles.

Mr. Bernstein, CEO/CIO of RBA will be addressing key areas that will be important for you and your clients:

  • How to protect and reposition your portfolio from market bubbles & risks
  • Inflation, economic growth expectations and market implications in 2022
  • How RBA is uniquely positioned for the current changing market environment.
  • Why Pactive® management is particularly necessary for today’s market
  • Our new offering – A One-Stop Core ESG Solution