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You Might be a Robo-Advisor If…

In a nod to comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s signature “You might be a redneck” shtick, the following parody offers real-life examples of why, contrary to popular perception, talented, experienced financial advisors have absolutely nothing to fear from the invading robot army:

Chuck Royce's Unique Approach to Financials

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce discusses why financials continue to play an important role in his portfolios.

What Do We Know about Investor Irrationality?

It has become conventional wisdom that underperformance is due to the irrational investment behavior of individuals. For the creation and propagation of this conventional wisdom, we have DALBAR to thank. Now that Wade Pfau has shown that DALBAR’s research is likely to be worthless because it calculates its numbers wrong, it is time to question whether the conventional wisdom has even a scintilla of meaning.

Yellen at the Markets: Don’t Worry. Low Unemployment to Trump Transitory Low Inflation

Fed hikes rates again, even as inflation falls further from target and financial conditions continue to ease. Smooth sailing ahead? Beware the leverage risks building below the surface.

Pershing INSITE: Three Views on Alternative Funds

If you’ve attended as many advisor conferences as I have, you know that panel discussions featuring speakers whose firms have booths in the exhibit hall are rarely more than a “pitch fest” – an opportunity for panelists to promote their firms’ strategies. However, a panel on alternative investments at the Pershing conference last week was an exception.

Commodities: Time to Buy When Others Are Selling?

As I travel around the country to meet with institutional clients, I often hear this question: “What is everyone selling? Because that’s something I’m really interested in buying.” These are clients who have the confidence and experience to contradict the herd mentality that causes many investors to chase market returns (which often results in buying near market tops while selling near market bottoms).

Small-Cap Mining Stocks, Big-Time Opportunity

Last month I told you about the upcoming rebalance of the hugely popular VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ), and how it would distress shares of junior, small-cap mining stocks. I said then that the rebalance could create some excellent opportunities for astute investors to accumulate high-quality, well-managed producers at discount prices. That day has finally arrived.

These Go to 11

The global economy continues to expand, corporate revenues and earnings are solid and, despite frothy valuations, the stock market continues to chug up “to 11” and beyond.

Gundlach: Rates are Going Up

The history books will document that U.S. interest rates hit their secular bottom in July 2012, according to Jeffrey Gundlach. Although bonds prices have rallied in the first half of this year, he said they will continue to fall.

Trump Down-Trade in Muni Market Draws to a Close

Munis sold off in the wake of Trump’s election victory, but have been clawing their way back up as investors glean the difficult paths ahead for tax reform and infrastructure spending.

Active vs. Passive

Many investors seem to be stuck in the middle of the false dichotomy between active and passive investing. At RBA, we argue it’s much more important for investors to ascertain which active or passive portfolio to buy and when to own it.

Life after MPT

Forty years of behavioral science research provides a more realistic framework for viewing investors and markets than does MPT.

What, Me Worry?

With all the usual disclaimers, today I will review some recent analysis from my reliable sources and let you take a peek into my worry closet.

Two Decades of Winning by Not Losing

The following is adapted from a recent speech given by Steven Romick

Dan Solin's Investing Secrets: Stay Invested

Bouncing in and out of the market is exactly what the financial media and the securities industry want you to do. Don't do it!