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Bait and Distract: Dan Solin's Investing Secrets

Retirement & CEFs

Adding closed-end funds to your investment portfolio may be a way to help boost your retirement income, industry pros say.

Random Gleanings at 38,000 Feet

Reflecting on the months of travel as we wing our way back to Tampa at 38,000 feet, one of the more interesting encounters in those travels was spending time with Steve Forbes (Forbes Magazine). Although Steve is a staunch Republican, he suggested that Republicans worship at the altar of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). 

Rolling with the Punches

A review of last month’s market-moving events across countries and asset classes.

The Great Flood

So, I am sitting here in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning awaiting the “great flood.” It was just a few days ago the computer models had hurricane Irma heading up the east coast of Florida, but Irma changed her mind.

A Long/Short Bridge Between Stocks and Bonds

Frothy stocks and well bid bonds can undercut portfolio performance if rates move higher, though long/short equity strategies can support long-run returns.

How to Convert the Alpha Male Prospect

Converting the alpha male is surprisingly easy if you follow these simple rules.

Advisors Leveraging New Programs to Launch ETFs

Over three years $1.4 trillion moved into low-fee funds including ETFs, which are quickly becoming the most popular of 18 major vehicles. The complexity of launching an ETF and their operational overhead has kept many firms from launching funds. New programs now help firms launch and manage ETFs.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

What should long-duration common stock owners like us do with the news of the horrific flood in Texas, the Category 5 hurricane in the Caribbean, the heightened tensions created by North Korea’s Dictator, Kim Jong-un, and the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Southern Mexico? What is wise behavior in a more volatile stock market environment created by outside events?

Energy: The Perils of 'Volume over Value'

There’s an ongoing narrative about the energy industry that says exploration and production (E&P) companies are making money in unconventional shale plays, even with oil selling for only $50 a barrel. This is touted as a positive trend. But a deeper dive into energy company fundamentals suggests a vastly different story — one that prioritizes production volume over economic value.

The Future of the Global Economy

This letter will be the first of a series in which I outline my vision for the next 5–10–15–20 years of global economics. I understand that there is a substantial amount of hubris involved in such an undertaking, so I will approach the topic gingerly.

Gold and Bitcoin Surge on North Korea Fears

China put a halt to new ICOs and crypto transactions. In response, ethereum tumbled as much as 15.8 percent on Monday, or $55 a unit. Bitcoin lost $394 a unit.

Getting More From Your LDI Portfolio

Our approach to investing in long duration and long credit portfolios has delivered meaningful alpha over most market cycles.

The (Investing) World According to Geoffrey Caveney

The best call financial writer Geoffrey Caveney ever made was in December 2015. Gold hit a multiyear low of $1,050 an ounce, and he was convinced that the metal had found a bottom. It was time to make a trade, he thought, not just in bullion but precious metal miners, specifically the juniors and some micro-cap names.

As Perceived Risks Rise, Limited-Term U.S. Government Funds Offer Shelter

Select short-term government bond funds offer minimal risk and some income as higher-risk assets get frothy and tail risks loom.