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Assumptions Not to Make After the March Fed Hike

With two more Fed hikes potentially on the horizon in 2017, Rick clears up a few wrong assumptions some market watchers are making about rate normalization.

Strategist: Keep Calm, Tax Reform Is On Its Way

Regardless of its failure to be repealed, tax reform is on its way. Just today, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reassured Americans that we could still expect “comprehensive” tax reform by August. It’s also worth recalling that, even though he failed to reform health care during his eight years in office, President Bill Clinton still managed to tackle tax reform with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993.

The Cutting Edge: Not Just for Tech Companies Anymore

The new US administration’s immigration policy may have angered some technology-sector executives, but the Trump administration has signaled an intention to put technology at the heart of its economic roadmap.

Weekly Unemployment Claims: Up 15K from Last Week, Annual Revisions

Today's seasonally adjusted 258K new claims, up 15K from last week's number, was worse than the forecast of 240K. Revisions were made to annual seasonal adjustment factors along with revisions going back to 2012 to the initial and continuing claims seasonal factors.

Bogged Down…

I know that I am not the only one feeling it. You can see the increasing risk in the markets and uglier action on the tape. Credit is seeing selling even as recession fears are distant. Bank stocks are rolling over even with the Fed raising interest rates.

Health Care: Free Markets vs Government

The debate over healthcare reform is in full swing, with forces aligning on all sides. From our perch, House Speaker Paul Ryan's health care bill has some appeal.

Do I Need a Succession Plan if I Will Never Retire?

I don’t see myself retiring. I have two children in their mid 20s. They could take over my firm if need be. I resent my team inferring that I don’t have a succession plan. Is there a polite way to tell them to back off?

What’s the Difference between a TAMP and a Robo?

Are “robos” nothing more than the latest version of TAMPs – turn-key asset management platforms?

Angst in America, Part 1: Aimless Men

This week we begin a series of letters exploring the new economic and sociological anxiety. I want to look at what causes it and think about what we can do to ease it. I don’t know how many letters this dive will take. I may break away for other topics and then come back to the topic of angst. 

Global Supply Chains Contain Inflation

Globalization has profoundly affected politics, society and economic performance. Among its most significant results has been persistent downward pressure on prices.

The Big Four Economic Indicators: February Industrial Production Virtually Unchanged

Today's report on Industrial Production for February shows a 0.0% change month-over-month (0.01% to two decimal points), which was below the consensus of a 0.2 percent increase. The previous month was revised upward from -0.3 percent to -0.1 percent. Industrial Production peaked in November 2014, only one point higher than its pre-recession peak in November 2007. The year-over-year change is 0.31 percent, up from last month's small YoY increase.

Conference Board Leading Economic Index: February Highest in Decade

The Latest Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI) for February increased to 126.2 from 125.5 in January. November's figure was revised slightly downward. The latest indicator value beat the month-over-month 0.4 percent increase forecast by Today's figure is at its highest in 10 years.

Will Trump Budget Lead to a Government Shutdown?

Earlier this week, President Trump issued a proposed government budget for FY2018 calling for the largest reduction in domestic program spending since the aftermath of World War II.

Emerging Markets Blaze New Trails in Technology

Emerging markets often lag behind developed countries when it comes to technology adoption. But things are changing. Developing-world countries and companies are rapidly becoming Internet trendsetters—especially in online retail and digital payments.

How Do Alternative Investments Perform in a Rising Interest Rate Environment?

The proliferation of liquid alternative mutual funds happened in response to the 2008-2009 recession, which was followed by an extended period of unusually low interest rates.