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How Trump’s Tax Policies Will Affect Subchapter S Corporations

Many wealthy clients, especially owners of closely-held firms, have interests in subchapter-S corporations. The tax policies proposed by the Trump administration will have a significant impact on them, according to Toni Nitti.

My Firm Lacks Leadership

I work for a large organization that has very poor leadership. We lack direction, communication and motivation from the very top down to the level of my manager.

You Might be a Robo-Advisor If…

In a nod to comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s signature “You might be a redneck” shtick, the following parody offers real-life examples of why, contrary to popular perception, talented, experienced financial advisors have absolutely nothing to fear from the invading robot army:

Running an Advisory Firm is Like Writing a Novel

Running a strategically disciplined advisory business – or any business for that matter – is like writing a strong story with a tight plotline.

The Fog of Markets

As history demonstrates, conformity to the irrational can and often does persist beyond conceivable limits, yet incoherence of behavior is not sustainable indefinitely.

A Few Simple Rules for Money Managers

I bet if most of us really focused, we could cut down our workweek from five days to two. Performance would improve, our personal lives would get better, and those eventual heart attacks would be pushed back a decade or two.

What Do We Know about Investor Irrationality?

It has become conventional wisdom that underperformance is due to the irrational investment behavior of individuals. For the creation and propagation of this conventional wisdom, we have DALBAR to thank. Now that Wade Pfau has shown that DALBAR’s research is likely to be worthless because it calculates its numbers wrong, it is time to question whether the conventional wisdom has even a scintilla of meaning.

How to Engage A Large Audience

It’s easy to listen more and talk less when meeting with a prospect or addressing a small group of investors. It’s far more challenging when you’re speaking to an audience. Here are some suggestions for rising to the challenge.

Pershing INSITE: Three Views on Alternative Funds

If you’ve attended as many advisor conferences as I have, you know that panel discussions featuring speakers whose firms have booths in the exhibit hall are rarely more than a “pitch fest” – an opportunity for panelists to promote their firms’ strategies. However, a panel on alternative investments at the Pershing conference last week was an exception.

Pershing INSITE: Jack Lew’s Warning: “Don’t Blow a Hole in the Deficit”

While generally upbeat about global economic prospects, former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned policymakers against “blowing a hole in the deficit” by cutting taxes and pursuing aggressive fiscal policy measures.

Gundlach: Rates are Going Up

The history books will document that U.S. interest rates hit their secular bottom in July 2012, according to Jeffrey Gundlach. Although bonds prices have rallied in the first half of this year, he said they will continue to fall.

Creating A Family Wealth Mission Statement

A family wealth mission statement (FWMS) is a relatively brief statement that encapsulates your family’s purpose, goals and standards.

Estate Planning Includes Preparing Your Heirs

Each year Americans spend huge sums preparing to transition their assets to their heirs, engaging high-powered estate and tax planners who set up complex vehicles like family limited partnerships, life insurance, charitable remainder, charitable lead and various other kinds of trusts. Yet, despite the best efforts of top-notch professionals, the majority of plans fail. Why?

Life after MPT

Forty years of behavioral science research provides a more realistic framework for viewing investors and markets than does MPT.

Your Meeting Agendas are Costing You Clients

In every interaction between two people, each has an agenda. You have one and the person with whom you are speaking has one. Recognizing this ”battle of agendas,” and knowing how to deal with it, is critical to converting prospects.