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Gundlach’s Top ETF Recommendation

The money to be made is in non-U.S. markets, according to Jeffrey Gundlach. For long-term investors, he recommends a specific ETF.

Ian Bremmer – The End of the Global Free Market

The U.S. is no longer fit to lead in global governance and that is driving a change in the world order. As a result, the coming decade will be vastly more unstable, according to Ian Bremmer.

Mohamed El-Erian – Which Asset Classes are Most Vulnerable

Mohamed El-Erian says that investors have been “enticed to become increasingly exposed to historically illiquid asset class segments.” Here are the asset classes and ETFs that are most at risk.

Which type of "smart-beta" investing will yield the best long-term results?

This is the first week of a weekly poll series we will launch on our site. It takes one minute and once you submit your response you'll be taken to a page where you can see the results. Continue the conversation on the results page about why you chose your answer by clicking on "COMMENT ON" APViewpoint link.

Poll question: Which type of "smart-beta" investing will yield the best long-term results?

Five Calendar Seasons for a Great Year

I have employed a “five seasons” approach to the calendar with sales teams over the past couple of decades with great success. Using this approach will allow you to master your calendar and the spirit of each unique season, instead of allowing the calendar to master you.

Dealing with Weaknesses

Shouldn’t we spend some time addressing our weaknesses and turning them into strengths rather than always dodging them and doing the same things we have become comfortable doing?

Where, Oh Where is my Calling List?

In my last article, I gave an overview of marketing funnels and their important role in marketing for financial advisers. This article will cover the first step – lead generation – and why sales is no longer about the calling list.

How to Solve the Right Problem Every Time

I want to outline a process I created many years ago that I teach to managers, leaders of firms and staff members so they can learn to solve their own problems.

Smart-Beta Poll: The Results

The Central Question for Your Business

Almost 60 years ago, an article appeared in the Harvard Business Review that posed the most important question for any business – and a question that is essential for advisors to address today.

One Question You Should Ask Every Couple

Over time, I’ve come up with one strategy that has been a positive way to begin the meeting with couples. Ask this question…

Ted Seides: Why I Lost My Bet with Buffett

Only a highly confident investor would bet against Warren Buffett. But Ted Seides had the humility to admit that his loss of a $1 million wager is all but certain. Unlike what most believe, though, he said the high fees charged by his hedge funds were not to blame.

Why I’m Ready to Sell Apple

Absent a new category of products, Apple is turning into a fully ripe stock.

Inside China’s emerging market opportunities

Explore new ways to diversify your clients’ portfolios.

Building client trust: The true value of a value statement

Open up with clients to earn trust.