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The Latest News in Alternative Investing – Finding Pockets of Opportunity

With a diversified portfolio, alternative investments can complement more conservative investments and produce higher returns. This week’s news focuses on pockets of opportunities, such as in multi-asset absolute-return funds, smaller hedge funds and real estate.

Five Linked-In Steps That Will Double Your Business

Here are five steps you can use to turn Linked-In connections into business.

Does Inflation Forecast Future Equity Performance?

Stocks perform poorly when inflation is on the rise. The empirical data is supported by theory. Rising inflation means that interest rates are increasing and the discounted value of future cash flows is driven down, lowering equity prices. Let’s see if we can use the inflation rate to improve equity performance.

The Demise of the Fiduciary Rule is a Bonanza for Advisors

The announcement that the Secretary of Labor must conduct a new economic and legal analysis of the fiduciary rule is a setback to those of us who care about investors. Hidden in this adverse development is a potential bonanza for advisors. Here’s why.

Taleb, the Barbell Portfolio and Safety-First Financial Planning

The “barbell” portfolio has long been considered an investment strategy. Since his fame after the 2010 publication of the book The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has often been associated with the strategy. Recent research illustrates the critical connection between the barbell, core-satellite portfolios and safety-first financial planning – and how advisors can improve on using standard deviation as a measure of risk.

Four Marketing Metrics You Should Track

Advisors know the importance of client satisfaction. It's a way of gauging what they are doing right and where they could use improvement when it comes to managing their firm. Most of them, however, have not thought about tracking other important data such as performance and marketing metrics. Here is a list of important items I like to track for my clients.


We had a lot of great experiences in Russia – mainly from family and friends. But at the same time it was also full of injustice, powerlessness, discrimination, lack of choice, and Russian-like poverty. In America, our past was a great motivator and none of the problems we encountered felt insurmountable. We feel very blessed to be here.

Overcoming Family Problems in an Advisory Firm

I work for a family-owned firm – the father runs it with his daughter and two sons. The problem is that the two sons dislike one another.

Loomis Sayles 2017 Sector Teams' Outlook

We’re modestly optimistic about 2017, but there are a host of unknowns as we become acquainted with our new President Trump, what policies he may pursue, and how they will impact the world body politic. Loomis Sayles' sector teams weigh in on potential opportunities in the year ahead.

Capital Growth News: Klarman Warns of High Valuations

According to a New York Times article, Seth Klarman has warned investors of high market valuations and of the adverse consequences of President Trump’s policies. In other news, we look at the prospects for REITs, crowdfunding and other investments.

Trump. Embracing Volatility We Are

Trump’s ascendancy brings a lot of uncertainty – something the market is ignoring, for now. The business-oriented pragmatism that it loves today comes with nationalistic and protectionist “job creation” rhetoric that may result in trade (or even conventional) wars. U.S. foreign policy, trade, and military alliances that have been in place since World War II are being questioned by the new president.

The Bromance that Turned Economics Upside Down

Who would guess that the modern sciences of behavioral economics and the psychology of decision-making owe their origin to a love affair (no, not sexual) between two men born early in the last century and so different that one could barely imagine them speaking to each other? Yet that is the story chronicled by the extraordinary nonfiction writer Michael Lewis in The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed our Minds, which, despite some quirks, is a compelling and worthwhile read.

State-Run Retirement Plans: Are They a Viable Solution?

The staple of corporate-sponsored retirement savings is 401(k) plans. Another option – state-run retirement plans – offers some advantages, but faces some daunting obstacles that hinders their widespread acceptance.

A Way To Really Add Value

There’s one area where you can add value – and where even the most sophisticated software cannot succeed. It’s largely ignored and often misunderstood. It’s also a subject few want to confront, which is why you can play such an important role.

The Analytical Tool that Drives Better Marketing

It’s a great idea to complete a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis to help you define your marketing focus. But, what do you do next to use the data to enhance your efforts?