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Real Asset Alternative CEFs

Real asset alternative investments in a CEF format may appeal to investors seeking inflation protection, says Larry Antonatos of Brookfield Asset Management.

Life After Beta: Are You Asking the Right Questions About Alternatives?

Investors have had mixed experiences with alternative investments lately, as the market landscape has made it hard for managers’ skills to shine. It’s time to ask some pointed questions to get the right fit.

K2 Advisors : Why We Like Activist Hedge Strategies

Given the unpredictability of today’s financial markets, many investors are looking to reduce the impact of market volatility on their portfolios. Hedge-fund strategies—a type of alternative investment strategy—may help by potentially offering additional diversification, new sources of return and reduced risk.

Center Stage…

While politics and the new government's agenda is still very much in the news, investor interest last week shifted to the bigger picture.

When Speculators Prosper Through Ignorance

As Benjamin Graham observed decades ago, "Speculators often prosper through ignorance; it is a cliche that in a roaring bull market, knowledge is superfluous and experience is a handicap. But the typical experience of the speculator is one of temporary profit and ultimate loss."

What Advisors Should Know About Illiquidity

Relatively few investment advisors are making private equity available to their high-net-worth clients, according to new research from iCapital Network. 

2017: A Challenging Year Ahead for Portfolio Allocation Decisions

Surprising many investors and pundits alike, the S&P 500 posted a solid return for 2016, finishing the year up close to 10%. If investors never looked at their statements, one might be naïve to how much markets zigged and zagged throughout the year.

The Latest News in Alternative Investing – Finding Pockets of Opportunity

With a diversified portfolio, alternative investments can complement more conservative investments and produce higher returns. This week’s news focuses on pockets of opportunities, such as in multi-asset absolute-return funds, smaller hedge funds and real estate.

Taleb, the Barbell Portfolio and Safety-First Financial Planning

The “barbell” portfolio has long been considered an investment strategy. Since his fame after the 2010 publication of the book The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has often been associated with the strategy. Recent research illustrates the critical connection between the barbell, core-satellite portfolios and safety-first financial planning – and how advisors can improve on using standard deviation as a measure of risk.

Tax Reform: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Part Two

We will look more closely at the rest of the tax proposals. Then next week we will go much deeper into the BAT and then into what I think the tax system should actually look like, which will be far different from anything I’ve suggested in the past. That discussion will make more sense if we have placed the ideas in full context.

NewsLetter - February 2017

I’m so proud that I’m bursting at the seams, and have to share it far and wide. On March 8, Deena, my partner, wife, best friend, and besherta, will be honored with the Alexandra Armstrong Award that “celebrates pioneers in the field of financial planning.

Capital Growth News: Klarman Warns of High Valuations

According to a New York Times article, Seth Klarman has warned investors of high market valuations and of the adverse consequences of President Trump’s policies. In other news, we look at the prospects for REITs, crowdfunding and other investments.

Identify Untapped Opportunity with Charitable Planning

Two thirds of financial advisors (65%) believe that the need to differentiate their firm from competition will be greater than ever over the next five years, according to the June Independent Advisor Outlook Study from Charles Schwab. Incorporating charitable planning services into a practice is one way to meet this challenge.

On My Radar: Looking for a Good Bargain

Last week I shared a chart with you that’s done a good job at signaling inflation. We tend to react slowly to news and, over time, we wake up. Then we herd in and out. In the “waking up” category, we better keep rising inflation on our radar.

Easing Global Headwinds Point to Higher Equities in 2017: Populism and reflation make easy bedfellow

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.” —Vladimir Lenin The reflation move since November has been aggressive but appears more right than wrong.