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Just more of the same…

Some good data below so I won’t draw out this intro. Stay focused overseas. Keep an eye on earnings which will hopefully be better than the reception that the big banks received on Friday. (But don’t worry, the bank disappointments were interest margin and loan growth caused, not credit related.)

Hedge-Fund Strategies Get a Second Wind

After three disappointing years in the middle of this decade, it's been a smoother course for hedge-fund strategies over the past 12 months. K2 Advisors' Senior Managing Director Brooks Ritchey offers his analysis to explain why he sees some tailwinds ahead.

The 3 Ps: Politics, Profits, and Probabilities

Investing based on headlines and political promises is rarely beneficial to one’s portfolio. It’s dispassionately investing for fundamentals that continue to drive the markets.

Calm beach. Inclement markets.

It never fails that when you decide to slip out of the office for a break, the markets will act up. Last week was not an exception to the rule as investor anxiousness continued to cause activity on trading desks. Rising global yields continued to stress risk parity funds and leveraged hedge funds who were positioned for lower interest rates.

Asia’s Unhappy Anniversary

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Asian financial crisis. While such milestones are not exactly cause for celebration, they at least afford an opportunity to look back and examine what has changed – and, no less important, what hasn’t.

Real Assets

Larry Antonatos of Brookfield describes the potential benefits of investing in so-called real assets including real estate, infrastructure and natural resources.

Addressing Always-Connected Technology

Intensifying demand to have everything at one’s fingertips seems to be the driving force behind the innovation in technology, finance and even industrials. 

Addressing Always-Connected Technology

Intensifying demand to have everything at one’s fingertips seems to be the driving force behind the innovation in technology, finance and even industrials. Franklin Equity Group’s Matt Moberg, vice president and portfolio manager, Franklin DynaTech Fund, observes a general shift in the technology industry to address evolving consumer needs.

Books You Should Read This Summer

Why not use summertime to catch up on your reading? Neil Dwane, global strategist for Allianz Global Investors, has a summer reading list that combines engaging narratives with timely insight into investing themes. Among the 12 books listed here, we think you'll find something to enlighten your summer.

Too much lemon…

The recently-ended second quarter of 2017 needed a bit more sugar from technology-driven Nasdaq to make it perfect for investors. While it was a nearly solid quarter all around for equity and risk-seeking investors, the June pickup in Nasdaq volatility left some with a sour taste in their mouth.

Market Valuation, Inflation and Treasury Yields: Clues from the Past

Our monthly market valuation updates have long had the same conclusion: US stock indexes are significantly overvalued, which suggests cautious expectations on investment returns. In a "normal" market environment -- one with conventional business cycles, Federal Reserve policy, interest rates and inflation -- current valuation levels would be a serious concern.

But these are different times.

Are Robots Disruptive? … or Could They Be the Saving Grace for Ageing Societies?

As regular readers of the Absolute Return Letter will know, we run a list of structural mega-trends which will form the world as we know it for many years to come – and that list drives our investment strategy.

Crestmont Market Valuation Update

Quick take: Based on the June S&P 500 average of daily closes, the Crestmont P/E is 112% above its arithmetic mean and at the 99th percentile of this fourteen-plus-decade monthly metric.

San Francisco Named a Global Leader in Disruptive Innovation

When people think of San Francisco, they might think of the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Chinatown, the 49ers or Giants. I’m a fan of all of those things, but what usually comes to mind when I think of San Francisco is Silicon Valley, the world’s premiere hub for innovation and entrepreneurialism.

“Well, Hmmmm”

It is interesting how quickly market narratives can change. Just a month ago the “consensus” was the economy was expanding, market complacency reigned, and the stock market would just keep going up.