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Managing Volatility in Short‑term Markets: The Global Liquidity Ladder

In a storm, you want to be able to reach higher ground. Recent market volatility – sparked by concerns over interest rates, inflation, global trade, the tech sector and more – has many investors shifting toward more defensive portfolio positions.

S&P 500 Snapshot: Up 0.5% YTD

The S&P 500 has continued its bounceback as of Wednesday's close and is down 0.5% YTD and is 5.7% below its record close.

New Lows YTD in Chinese Stocks & Highs in Latin America Stocks/Bonds

Last night the China Shanghai CSI 300 index fell a bit more than 1.6%, taking out February lows and setting a new YTD low for the index. This is important since the global equity markets have a very high correlation to Chinese stocks.

World Markets Update

Four of eight indexes on our world watch list have posted gains through Monday, April 16, 2018. The top performer this year is India's BSE SENSEX with a gain of 1.46%. In second is Hong Kong's Hang Seng with a gain of 1.33%. In third is our own S&P 500 with a fractional gain of 0.16%. Coming in last is London's FTSE 100 with a loss of 6.37%.


The Good Shepherd Investor

David was the King of Israel and the writer of many of the Psalms. He spent his formative years as a shepherd and framed his life’s work around the key concepts from his profession. Herds were the primary form of wealth back then, while common stocks are a primary form today.

The S&P 500 is Overvalued These 10 Dividend Growth Stocks Are Not: Part 3

This is the third of a five-part series presenting 50 dividend growth stocks that I have screened for current fair value. With this article I will be covering 10 additional dividend growth research candidates with moderate to higher yields in addition to the initial 20 that I presented...

How Did Factors Perform During a Roller Coaster First Quarter?

Equities experienced heightened volatility during the first quarter of 2018, with the S&P 500 Index surging 7.55% from Dec. 31 2017, through Jan. 26, 2018, before dropping nearly 8% through quarter-end.

Don’t Abandon International Diversification

To address questions about the benefits of international investing and diversification, we don’t have to look too far back in time.

Bond investors should not mourn the end of QE

QE is slowly dying out and it will hopefully be remembered as a historical curiosity. In the meantime, you and your clients should take comfort in the combination of the market’s efficiency and the Federal Reserve’s deliberate approach.

Scenario Planning: Expectations for Inflation

Some investors may be concerned that growth in inflation may accompany U.S. economic growth. Whether you believe that inflation is a potential future threat to your client’s portfolios, and what approaches you recommend, will depend on many variables.

Some advisors make use of scenario planning, a strategic tool to make flexible long-term plans, to examine various possibilities and potential action steps. A new white paper examines three ETF strategies – Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, natural resources, and infrastructure investments – that seek to hedge inflation, as well as the investor objectives typically aligned with each strategy.

Which Has the Bigger Economy: Texas or Russia?

You’ve no doubt heard that everything’s bigger in Texas. That’s more than just a trite expression, and I’m not just saying that because Texas is home to U.S. Global Investors.

How I Own My Gold

Those who own gold often argue how to best own it. I encourage anyone holding gold to assess the pros and cons of different choices of gold ownership to make an educated rather than emotional decision.

Factor Investing – What Went Wrong?

So-called “smart-beta” strategies hasn’t been all that smart lately – at least not for the last five years. This article will examine why, whether it was predictable and the likelihood it will work better going forward.

Capital Efficiency Trumps Fees in the Search for Portfolio Diversifiers

The evaluation of alternatives introduces an extra dimension into the equation that investors don’t need to think about with traditional equity funds. It’s the concept of capital efficiency.

Gold’s Dot Plot

John Hathaway, manager of the Tocqueville Gold Fund (TGLDX) writes in his Q1 investor letter that the price of gold may be offering a clear signal that the Federal Reserve’s "dot plot" - the interest rate levels projected by the members of the Fed Open Market Committee after each meeting - "is due for an overhaul."