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Bubble Mindset

So the mindset, I think, goes something like this. Yes, market valuations are elevated, but, you know, low interest rates justify higher valuations. Besides, there’s really no alternative to stocks because you’ll get what, 1% annually in cash? Look at how the market has done in recent years. There’s no comparison.

On My Radar: The Flow That Conquers All

Bottom line: Those foreign central bank purchases translate to a vast sea of liquidity supporting stocks. Hartnett calls it the “supernova of liquidity” and “the flow that conquers all.” My motivation and title for today’s piece.

Oil and Gas MLPs: Time to Take a Fresh Look?

Master limited partnerships, once considered utility-like yield instruments, have come to be viewed largely as leveraged commodity investments – but is the pendulum about to swing back?

Why Gold-Mining Stocks Could Regain Some Luster

Here, Franklin Equity Group's Steve Land digs deeper into industry fundamentals that he thinks make for an attractive longer-term investment case for gold or gold stocks

ECRI Weekly Leading Index: YoY Lowest in 12 Months

Today's release of the publicly available data from ECRI puts its Weekly Leading Index (WLI) at 143.4, unchanged from the previous week. Year-over-year the four-week moving average of the indicator is now at 2.83%, down from 3.09% last week and its eleventh consecutive week of declines. The WLI Growth indicator is now at 0.0, also down from the previous week, its lowest since March of 2016.

Vehicle Miles Traveled: Another Look at Our Evolving Behavior

The Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Commission has released the latest report on Traffic Volume Trends, data through July. "Travel on all roads and streets changed by 0.8% (2.2 billion vehicle miles) for July 2017 as compared with July 2016." The less volatile 12-month moving average was up 0.13% month-over-month and 1.2% year-over-year. If we factor in population growth, the 12-month MA of the civilian population-adjusted data (age 16-and-over) is up just 0.05% month-over-month and up only 0.6% year-over-year.

Myths and Misconceptions

History shows, and investment strategists tout, that small cap stocks are the best performing asset class. While small caps outperformed the runner-up, large cap stocks, over the last nearly 100 years, research has shown that the outperformance hasn’t persisted over all multi-year time periods and that the outperformance is concentrated in microcap stocks.

Time to Take a (Measured) Risk?

Astute investors know that buying when others are fearful can be a good strategy. Despite remarkably low market volatility, investors continue to avoid risk. This month, we examine previous periods of risk and investor behavior, when investors discarded normal valuation measures, threw caution to the wind, and suffered the consequences.

Retirement & CEFs

Adding closed-end funds to your investment portfolio may be a way to help boost your retirement income, industry pros say.

World Leaders are Taking Investors Down a Dangerous Economic Path

Stock market performance has not been driven by the improving health of the global economy. Just as negative interest rates are not a positive for the continued health of the economy, current stock market performance does not augur rosy future returns for stocks. In fact, the opposite is true.

Robo Advice Data Now Available for Advisors

Robo advice is the newest disruptor in the financial industry and many advisors are not sure how to interpret this new investment advice solution. Some are writing it off as a solution for lower asset customers, some are concerned about the competitive threat, while others are embracing the technology for use in their own business.

Opportunities in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Debt Investing

Unmet borrower needs continue to grow in the U.S. commercial real estate lending market.

To Boost Growth, Solve the Productivity Puzzle

In a troubling sign for global economic growth, productivity has been in decline for decades. In the first of a special series on productivity, Neil Dwane, Global Strategist at Allianz Global Investors, explores why businesses, governments and investors need to find ways to solve the productivity puzzle.

War With North Korea Could Spark New Bear Market

The United States is increasingly being provoked toward a war with North Korea by its seemingly insane young leader Kim Jong-un. Not only has Jong-un acquired nuclear bomb capabilities much faster than US intelligence sources had estimated for years, he has also recently developed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching US soil.

Advisors Leveraging New Programs to Launch ETFs

Over three years $1.4 trillion moved into low-fee funds including ETFs, which are quickly becoming the most popular of 18 major vehicles. The complexity of launching an ETF and their operational overhead has kept many firms from launching funds. New programs now help firms launch and manage ETFs.