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5 Fairly Valued MLPs: Is the Dilution Worth the Yield and How Do You Value Them?

The 5 MLPs covered in this article offer yields ranging from 5.7% to 10.7%. Additionally, each of these MLPs appears reasonably valued given their high yields and prospects for growth. However, two of these MLPs are currently in the process of merging.

Center Stage…

While politics and the new government's agenda is still very much in the news, investor interest last week shifted to the bigger picture.

The Fatal Flaws In Your Financial Plan

Congratulations! If you are reading this article it is probably because you have money invested somewhere in the financial markets. That’s the good news. The bad news is the majority of you reading this article have probably NOT saved enough for retirement.

Should You Discuss Politics with Clients?

Has anyone asked you to comment on the current political scene and best ways to deal with what’s happening when your clients have very strong (and very vocal) opinions?

The Downside of Excessive Caution

As advisors, you counsel your clients about risk. But based on my experience, you don’t take enough risk. Your excessive caution is imperiling your business.

How to Organize Your "Stuff"

When advisors ask me to help them set up systems for their business, I put on my professional organizer hat. One area that is always a big issue is paper – both the physical and electronic kind. Here’s a system to ensure you will easily find the information you want and always get to the tasks that are important.

Five Linked-In Steps That Will Double Your Business

Here are five steps you can use to turn Linked-In connections into business.

Taleb, the Barbell Portfolio and Safety-First Financial Planning

The “barbell” portfolio has long been considered an investment strategy. Since his fame after the 2010 publication of the book The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has often been associated with the strategy. Recent research illustrates the critical connection between the barbell, core-satellite portfolios and safety-first financial planning – and how advisors can improve on using standard deviation as a measure of risk.

NewsLetter - February 2017

I’m so proud that I’m bursting at the seams, and have to share it far and wide. On March 8, Deena, my partner, wife, best friend, and besherta, will be honored with the Alexandra Armstrong Award that “celebrates pioneers in the field of financial planning.

Is the U.S. Workforce Nearing Full Recovery?

We've updated our monthly workforce analysis to include last week's Employment Report for January. The unemployment rate ticked up from 4.7% to 4.8%, and the number of new nonfarm jobs (a relatively volatile number subject to extensive revisions) was surprised forecasts at 227K.

Identify Untapped Opportunity with Charitable Planning

Two thirds of financial advisors (65%) believe that the need to differentiate their firm from competition will be greater than ever over the next five years, according to the June Independent Advisor Outlook Study from Charles Schwab. Incorporating charitable planning services into a practice is one way to meet this challenge.

State-Run Retirement Plans: Are They a Viable Solution?

The staple of corporate-sponsored retirement savings is 401(k) plans. Another option – state-run retirement plans – offers some advantages, but faces some daunting obstacles that hinders their widespread acceptance.

A Way To Really Add Value

There’s one area where you can add value – and where even the most sophisticated software cannot succeed. It’s largely ignored and often misunderstood. It’s also a subject few want to confront, which is why you can play such an important role.

Real Median Household Income: No Growth in 2016

The Sentier Research median household income data for December, released this morning, came in at $57,827. The nominal median shrank by $394 month-over-month and is up only $669 year-over-year. In percentages, the latest month is down 0.7% MoM and up 1.2% YoY. Adjusted for inflation, the latest month was down $558 MoM and down $529 YoY. The real numbers equate to changes of -1.0% MoM and -0.9% YoY.

UN Sustainability Goals: A Road Map for Impact Investing

Equity investors are increasingly thinking about how their decisions affect society. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a good road map for identifying investments that can make an impact—and generate profits as well.