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Are ICOs Replacing IPOs?

My keynote address on Tuesday focused on quant investing in gold mining and the booming initial coin offering (ICO) market. I’m thrilled to share with you that the presentation was voted the best, for which I was awarded an ounce of gold. I want to thank the London Bullion Market Association, its members and conference attendees for this honor.

Expect More Rules and Less Discretion from the ‘New’ Fed

President Trump has the opportunity to overhaul the Federal Reserve by appointing new Fed governors who align with his administration’s views – namely that the current Fed suffers from regulatory over-reach and is less independent than ever, says Steve Malin, investment strategist at Allianz Global Investors.

Can Momentum Investing Be Saved?

Momentum is one of the most compelling factors in theoretical long–short paper portfolios, but live results of momentum strategies fall short of theoretical returns. Thoughtful implementation, a careful sell discipline, and an avoidance of stocks with stale momentum can narrow the gap between paper and live results.

"Lower and Longer" Has Legs

For the 18th straight year, Baird Advisors held its Institutional Investors Conference in Kohler, Wisconsin. Attendees listened to legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward’s perspective on the Trump White House in the context of previous administrations he has covered and to global risk expert Ian Bremmer, President and founder of Eurasia Group, who introduced the concept of a geopolitical recession and mapped a new macroeconomic landscape where the institutions that defined the post-war world order are becoming less relevant.

What To Expect With Tax Reform

This Strategic Insight discusses how to bolster tax revenue by increasing potential growth and productivity through tax and spending reform to enhance global competitiveness and increase fairness across taxpayers, thus turn fiscal deficits into surplus. Various guiding principles outlined suggest various proven ways to achieve these objectives.

How to Meet Really Rich People

Here’s my shocking idea on the best way to grow your practice.

Venerated Voices™ 2017 Q3 Rankings

We have announced our Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in Q3 2017. Rankings were issued in three categories: The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm, The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Author and The Top 10 Venerated Voices by Commentary.

The Perfect Prospect Meeting

The perfect meeting maximizes the possibility of converting a prospect into a client. Here’s the ideal way to structure that meeting.

Six Keys to a Great Presentation

These crucial keys will make your presentation concise and powerful.

Why “either/or” is the wrong approach to active vs. passive

Combining both approaches may improve your investment strategy.

5 considerations for choosing an investment beyond just cost

Learn why cost isn’t everything.

Drying Paint or Boiling Frog?

Last Month in Perspective: The convoy of developed world central banks reducing policy accommodation appeared to gather steam. Global political developments continued to capture headlines. Interest rates moved higher on the hawkish tilt in central bank rhetoric, and equities gained on generally positive economic data.

Car Manufacturers Are Electrifying Copper, “The Metal of the Future”

As many of you know, copper is often seen as an indicator of economic health, historically falling when overall manufacturing and construction is in contraction mode, rising in times of expansion. That appears to be the case today. Currently trading above $3 a pound, “Doctor Copper” is up close to 24 percent year-to-date and far outperforming its five-year average from 2012 to 2016.

Schwab Market Perspective: Preparing for the Latter Innings

U.S. stock indices have continued to push to record highs, with little apparently able to throw them off course. The grind higher has pushed through natural disasters, the Las Vegas tragedy, domestic political failures, international political tensions, and missile tests and threats from North Korea—an ample “wall of worry” for stocks to climb.

Why Successful Advisors are Exiting the Business

When I talk to advisors whose businesses are growing, I am struck by the extent to which they’ve changed and adapted the way they work. It’s not just that the things that made you successful in the past won’t lead to success in future. More alarming for many advisors, continuing to do the things that you’ve done to this point is a guaranteed prescription for failure.