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Doing the Math: How Many 529 Plans Do You Need for Your Family?

What to consider when saving for multiple children’s college educations.

Jack Bogle on the Limits of the Fiduciary Rule and the Future of the Advisory Industry

Speaking two weeks after his 88th birthday, Jack Bogle called the fiduciary rule “silly” and said that financial advisors’ fees are heading lower. Indeed, he said, advisors are destined to charge hourly or retainer fees, like lawyers and accountants.

Gimme Three Steps … and a Stumble?

"Three steps and a stumble" was first illustrated by Edson Gould, the legendary market technician from the 1930s through the 1970s. Ultimately the baton was passed from Gould to another legendary market analyst (and my mentor/boss for my first 13 years in this business), Marty Zweig, who incorporated the "rule" into his monetary policy indicator.

The Best Fund Managers – As Voted by their Peers

Today’s indexing mania is driving the marketing people at the best active fund complexes completely crazy, but the top portfolio managers – that is, the people who really, truly enjoy investing – are seeing a lot of new opportunities.

Whether to Counsel Clients on Spending Habits

We are having more conversations with clients about their spending habits. This is a major transition in the advisor-client relationship.

Venerated Voices™ 2017 Q1 Rankings

We have announced our Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in Q1 2017.

The 5 Costliest Financial Regulations of the Past 20 Years: A Timeline

Last year, the Federal Register—the U.S. government’s depository of rules and regulations—hit an all-time high of 81,640 pages. Among the industries that bear the greatest regulatory oversight is financials, which has seen a disproportionate amount of scrutiny in recent years, especially following the 9/11 attacks and subprime mortgage crisis.

FAFSA Deadline: It's Not Too Late to Submit Your Application

Today’s parents are all too aware that higher education comes with a sky-high price tag, but financial aid can offer a real lifeline when it comes to mounting college costs.

Puerto Rico's Title III Bankruptcy: Initial Views and Expectations

In many ways the filings may mark “the end of the beginning” (as Churchill once said) of this chapter for Puerto Rico.

My Male Partners Don’t See Me as a Peer

I’m a woman among much older male partners and I sense that no matter how much I’ve done, how far I’ve come and how much I’ve proven myself, they do not see me as their peer. They believe I contribute less to the firm.

USAA’s Unique Strategy for the Advisor Market

Keith Sloane serves as head of third-party distribution and Steve Fry is director of analyst relations at USAA Investments. I spoke with them about their strategy for serving advisors and the 60 million families with connections to the U.S. military, which has been USAA’s traditional focus.

Conversions of Private Foundations to Donor-Advised Funds

For many years, donors have utilized private grant making foundations for charitable giving. Organized as either trusts or corporations, such entities have served as a means for making substantial tax deductible contributions while spreading out the actual contributions to charities over many years.

Trade and Taxes in a World With Borders

In the latest edition of "Global Macro Shifts," the Templeton Global Macro team examines potential US corporate tax reform and the possible impacts of a border adjustment tax (BAT). Read an excerpt from the paper.

What Does It Mean To “Buy American?”

In this commentary we will summarize:

  • What Does It Mean To “Buy American?”
  • European Populists Lost, But Their Spirit Lives On
  • The ECB Is Right To Stand Pat

A Platform to Democratize Alternative Investments

Eileen Duff is managing partner and head of distribution for iCapital Network, where she is responsible for sales, relationship management and investor relations supporting the RIA, broker-dealer, private banking and family office communities. In this interview, she discusses how iCapital democratizes the access to high-quality alternative investments for financial advisors.