The Practice Management Channel

MLPs: A Light at the End of the Pipeline

The master limited partnership (MLP) asset class has experienced considerable volatility since 2014, with many individual securities trading well off previous highs. However, the Invesco Real Estate team believes there has been a dislocation in MLP pricing, resulting in value and opportunity in the space.

Iran Sanctions and Potential Responses: Part III

The Trump administration withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and plans to implement sanctions on the country in two phases. In Part I, we introduced this topic and covered the first two potential responses from Iran, which were restarting the nuclear program and projecting power. Last week, we covered the threat to the Strait of Hormuz.

Talking Worried, but Being Complacent

Every summer for the past several decades, I have been organizing lunches for serious investors who spend at least part of their vacation time in eastern Long Island. Those attending include hedge fund wizards, real estate titans, corporate chiefs, thoughtful academics and a few others.

Demystifying Big Data: How to Critically Assess Quantitative Investment Signals

As leaders in manager research, we have unique insight into the implementation of big data in equity portfolios. Today, we share our key observations.

How to Double Your Seminar Appointments

Do you use seminars to get new prospects? Are you booking less than 85% of attendees into appointments? If so, then please read on.

When It’s Best to do Nothing

We hired an HR person who turned out to be an irascible gossip. Team members are coming to me to complain. What should I do?

A Disruptive Approach to Your Website

Your website should show what’s unique and special about you. Here’s how to do that.

Five Ways to Drive Leads While Driving Your Car

The car you drive isn’t just a status symbol. In the age of digital communication, Bluetooth and wired vehicles, advisors can use their cars to drive leads by converting boring downtime during a commute into active prospecting.

NFIB Small Business Survey: "Small Business Optimism Index Nears Survey High in July"

The latest issue of the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends came out this morning. The headline number for July came in at 107.9, up 0.7 from the previous month and its second highest of all time. The index is at the 100th percentile in this series. Today's number came in above the forecast of 106.9.

Investing in Small-Cap-Growth Companies with a Long-Term View

John Barr manages the Needham Aggressive Growth Fund (NEAGX), which had an annualized return of 10.51% over the prior 15 years, versus 9.42% for the S&P 500, for an outperformance of 109 basis points. In this interview, he discusses the outlook for his fund.

Regulation Best Interest – A Junk Food Diet

Gary Cohn, former economic advisor to President Trump, told the WSJ that the DOL Rule was bad rule. Translated to language of our time, with respect to the SEC’s proposed regulation best interest (RBI), ”It’s okay to pig out on junk-food investments.”

Overconfidence: The Dark Side of Risk Tolerance

Of all the variables we routinely measure in our behavioral assessments, our research shows that one most accurately predicts risk-taking – overconfidence. It’s time that advisors systematically identify their overconfident clients and develop skills to overcome the bias it breeds.

Grow a beard, grow your practice

Having a beard is a great way to set yourself apart and grow your business.

The Pool of Tradable Stocks Is Shrinking. Here’s What Investors Can Do

The number of publicly listed companies in the U.S. has fallen steadily since 1997. More companies have delisted, in fact, than gone public in every year of the past 20 years except one, 2013. Put another way, the pool is getting smaller even while the population and economy are expanding.

Is it Okay to Cry in Front of Clients?

It’s one of those things you’re told never to do. But here’s an example when crying in front of a client led to a breakthrough I never would have made dry-eyed.