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Weighing the Week Ahead: Will Incipient Headwinds Derail the Economy?

The economic calendar is loaded. The many reports include several of the most-watched. The data may even generate enough fresh news to break the summer slumber. There is plenty of skepticism about the most recent economic data.

Advisors Transitions Don’t Have to be a Vortex of Pain

Transitioning to a new broker dealer or RIA firm is as appealing as using someone else’s toothbrush.

Tie or No Tie?

Don't ditch the necktie without reading this advice.

A New Generation of Nontraditional REIT Opportunities

When most investors think about traditional real estate investment trust (REIT) investment opportunities, they often think about the “four major food groups” of real estate — the retail, office, residential and industrial sectors. While these sectors continue to be a major component of REIT investing, they are increasingly being joined by nontraditional REIT sectors.

No Recession in Sight

This business expansion has gone on for nine years and most investors think we have to be near the end. In baseball parlance you hear talk that we are in the seventh or eighth inning; nobody seems to believe we are in the second or third. Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan has said at a conference we’re in the sixth, which got a lot of attention.

Weighing the Week Ahead: What is Working, and Will It Persist?

The economic calendar is modest. Volatility is lower even with plenty of news. The summer doldrums have arrived! It provides time for introspection to fill those empty timeslots and pages.

When Advisors Shouldn’t Give Advice

Often, prospects and clients don’t want your advice. Here’s why.

The “5M” Approach to Turn Volatile Markets into Your Marketing Advantage

Here is my “5M” approach that deepens client relationships, stimulates new referrals and attracts new prospects during volatile markets.

When a Son is a Better Leader than His Father

I typically read about successors who came in and they didn’t know as much as or were less capable than the original founder. In our case we prefer the son to his dad.

PepsiCo: Rare Opportunity to Buy at a Better Valuation: Part 6

PepsiCo (PEP) is a Dividend Aristocrat, Champion and blue-chip stalwart that has increased its dividend for 46 consecutive years. Therefore, it should be no surprise that just as we saw with Procter & Gamble in part 5, this blue-chip stalwart has traditionally commanded a higher valuation (earnings multiple) than the average stock.

A Tricky Stock Photo Trap: Beware of “Editorial Use”

Especially for those of us who are artistically challenged, stock photos are the bomb. But there’s a trap to beware of, lest those photo bombs backfire on you.

National Debt No Problem - We Owe It To Ourselves - WRONG!

Our national debt has swelled to a record $21.16 trillion as of this writing. That includes debt held by the public ($15.4 trillion) and intra-governmental debt ($5.7 trillion). At $21+ trillion, our national debt is well above 100% of our Gross Domestic Product of $19.97 trillion.

The Seven Proven Networking Strategies

I have a test for you. In my work with advisors, I’ve identified seven networking strategies that consistently drive referrals. How many do you use?

How to Avoid a Fund Blow Up

Greg Silberman explains his take on the life cycle of private investments.

Oil Has Rebounded but Energy Equities Have Lagged. Is It over Already?

Energy equities have underperformed the S&P 500 materially over the last five years. While spot oil prices have risen significantly over the last twelve months, longer dated oil prices have not, and energy equities have remained under pressure.