The Bear Is Here

We hit a milestone just recently, although it’s certainly not one we wanted to hit.

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Demystifying the Independent Channel

Did you know that 89 percent of advisors who are looking for independence want more autonomy over their business, and nearly all of them want higher payouts? In Demystifying the Independent Channel, the first white paper in a four-part series from Cerulli Associates, you’ll find a further breakdown of which advisors seek independence, and why. You'll also discover what it really means to manage your own business, and how advisors can make a successful transition.


Looking Back at the Markets in May and Ahead to June 2022

Markets stabilized in May after one of the worst months since the start of the pandemic.


Breakaway Implications: The Impact Your Firm Partner Can Have on Efficiency


Worries Rise as Markets Drop

Yesterday was another bad down day in the markets.


Looking Back at the Markets in April and Ahead to May 2022

April was a hard month for the markets.

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The Ultimate Retirement Income Planning Guide for Advisors

As more and more people approach their golden years, you may see a shift in your practice—from a focus on accumulation and growth to one of income and distribution. It’s important that you’re prepared to not only ensure that your clients have enough to live comfortably, but to help them properly allocate the assets they have.


Why Is the Market Going Down?

The economy seems to be doing well, with job growth still at high levels, consumer spending still healthy, and businesses continuing to invest.


Monthly Market Risk Update: April 2022

Markets rebounded in March, but it was not enough to offset earlier losses in January and February.


Looking Back at the Markets in March and Ahead to April 2022

We saw a bit of a bounce in stock markets in March, but not enough to recover from a terrible first quarter.

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How to Evaluate Your Potential Firm’s Compliance Team

All compliance teams are bound by the same rules, but it’s how they create policies to comply with those rules that may make them different.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to define your ideal compliance partnership
  • Which questions to ask about potential firms’ compliance teams
  • How to use practical resources to help your evaluation
  • What an ongoing relationship should look like

What Is Inflation...and Where Is It Going?

We’ve talked a lot about higher interest rates and what they mean for the market.


If the Yield Curve Inverts, Will Recession Follow?

Yesterday, I laid out why I am not concerned, in general, about what a yield curve inversion means for the economy, while still being very aware of the increasing risks.


Sticker Shock: Assessing the Real Cost of Gas

Have you experienced sticker shock at the pump recently?

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Breakaway Implications: The Impact Your Firm Partner Can Have On Efficiency

You may think that going independent means you’ll have less time for client interactions—after all, you’ll have an office to run. Well, that’s not true for breakaway advisors who partner with the right firm. A recent study from Cerulli Associates breaks down how much time breakaway advisors save by choosing a collaborative firm partner.