Simplifying the Path to Becoming a Fee-Based Advisor

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About This Episode

More advisors and firms are moving to fee-centric affiliation models, dropping their FINRA registrations and focusing on providing investment advice for a fee. What is the driver behind this trend? Today, we’ll explore the models under which an advisor could move to a fee-based practice, the benefits, the changes from a product and compensation perspective, and the key considerations for those considering this move. The three main ways an advisor could move to a fee-based model are becoming an investment adviser representative of a corporate RIA (like Commonwealth), starting their own RIA, or joining an independent RIA. At the end of our conversation, I hope to illuminate the differences between those models and what you should focus on if you are considering a change in your affiliation model.

About Our Guest

Alex Hansen is SVP of RIA Compliance for Commonwealth Financial Network.

Alex joined Commonwealth in September 2021 as senior vice president of RIA compliance. Bringing extensive leadership and expertise in the investment advisory space, he supervises all aspects of RIA compliance at Commonwealth, ensuring Commonwealth stays ahead of all financial industry developments and SEC regulations, while also responding to the evolving needs of its advisors and staff.

Show Notes

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