First Thoughts About the Election

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“It will take as long as it takes,” a reported quote from the Pennsylvania attorney general about the vote count, can also apply to the election itself. Indeed, from where we stand right now, the Pennsylvania vote count will determine the election. We don’t know what the final answer is, and we don’t know when we will know. So, are we any further along than yesterday?

Despite the fact that the White House still hangs in the balance, we do in fact know quite a bit more than we did yesterday. Let’s start with the good news.

The Election Went Smoothly

There were no significant breakdowns in the voting process, no material reported issues of voter suppression, and, perhaps most important, no significant violence. For all the fears and headlines, we got through Election Day without things breaking down. This is a big win and radically reduces the uncertainty around the election going forward.

The Process Is Working

All parties involved are now working to count the remaining votes and determine the legitimate winner. Again, with fears about election interference (both domestic and foreign) and charges (on both sides) that the election would be stolen, it is good to see the process working as it should. There will no doubt be litigation going forward. But the point is that litigation is an essential part of America, and it isn’t street fighting. Watching the process work is proof that the process is working, and many people were not sure of that outcome last week.

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