The Ten Best Articles You Probably Missed

Great articles don’t always get the readership they deserve. We’ve posted the 10 most-widely read investment and planning articles for the past year here and the top practice management articles here. Below are another 10 that you might have missed, but I believe merit reading:

1. Gundlach’s Forecast for 2021 – The Year of Regime Change
by Robert Huebscher, 1/12/21

In his forecast for 2021, Jeffrey Gundlach predicted a “regime change.” Investors should prepare for themes that reverse prior trends: U.S. equities will underperform the rest of the world, inflation will rise, volatility will be higher, and the dollar will weaken.

2. Five Tax Planning Strategies for the Ultra-Wealthy
by Allan Roth, 6/21/21

The Biden administration’s proposals won’t have much impact on the merely wealthy, but some changes will have huge consequences for the very wealthy.

3. Which is Harder – the CFA or CFP® Exam?
by Suzanne Highet, 7/31/21

When I started looking into CFP® certification, a surprising number of colleagues said something to the effect, “Oh well you passed the CFA exams, so that will be easy for you.” And foolishly, I believed them.

4. Robert Shiller: U.S. Equities are Still the Place to Invest
by Robert Huebscher, 2/22/21

U.S. stocks have the highest CAPE ratio of any global equity market, but they are still the place to invest. But the inventor of that metric, Robert Shiller, says that stocks are indeed risky.

5. Understanding Fat Tail Returns
by Michael Edesess, 3/1/21

Much statistical analysis in finance depends on the assumption that variables have normal distributions. This assumption is far from correct. As a result, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb has rightly pointed out, most statistical results in finance are wrong. Now, a disciple of Taleb has tried to extend Taleb’s research by relating it to an obscure mathematical concept.

6. What is China Doing to Its Stock Market and Why? A Hypothesis.
by Ron Surz, 9/6/21

The U.S. stock market is thriving, while China’s deteriorates. China could intervene to limit stock market losses, but it is not. Is China purposely losing a battle to win a war?

7. The False Promise of U.S. Historical Returns
by David Blanchett, Michael Finke, 3/15/21

Relying on only historical U.S. returns creates an unrealistic picture of retirement outcomes. Our analysis shows that U.S. data are an anomaly among the broader global universe, and that our low-yield environment forebodes lower-than-average equity returns.

8. Dan Ariely on Post-pandemic Financial Planning
by Allan Roth, 1/18/21

Post-pandemic financial planning will reward advisors who illustrate the relationship between money and happiness to their clients.

9. Is It Now the “3.3% Rule”?
by William P. Bengen, 11/29/21

Recently, a highly respected financial publisher issued a research paper claiming that the “safe” withdrawal rate could be as low as 3.3%. I recently increased my estimate of the “worst-case” withdrawal rate to 4.7%. How do we make sense of these two widely disparate results?

10. How Claiming Social Security Early Destroys Client Wealth
by Michael Finke, 6/28/21

Claiming Social Security too early is economically equivalent to delaying claiming, withdrawing $100,000 from a portfolio, and setting it on fire.

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