Our Top 10 Most Popular Investing Articles of 2021

As is our custom, we conclude the year by reflecting on the 10 most-read investment and planning articles over the past 12 months. Tomorrow, we will highlight the 10 most-read practice management articles.

In decreasing order, based on the number of unique readers, those are:

1. Jeremy Siegel: The Market is Not in a Bubble; The S&P Could Reach 5,000 in 2022
by Robert Huebscher, 11/28/21

Last year, Jeremy Siegel correctly predicted the bull market in stocks, the rise in inflation and interest rates and soaring home prices. In this year’s interview, he predicts another year of good performance for U.S. stocks – and identifies the risks investors will face.

2. Why Nassim Taleb Says Bitcoin is Worthless
by Michael Edesess, 7/18/21

In a new paper, Taleb aims a scattergun at bitcoin and its underlying database technology, blockchain. Some of those scatter shots ding bitcoin or blockchain slightly or not at all. But some of them hit the mark squarely.

3. Gundlach – Headline Inflation Could Top 4%
by Robert Huebscher, 3/9/21

Headline CPI inflation is almost certain to rise above 3% in June and July, according to Jeffrey Gundlach. It could even top 4%, he said, which would “really spook the bond market.”

4. Pay Attention to Marginal Tax Rates and Not Tax Brackets
by William Reichenstein, 9/28/21

The analytic framework for providing retirement income planning advice must use marginal tax rates and not tax brackets.

5. The Eight Great Misconceptions About Bonds
by Allan Roth, 4/5/21

I’ve spent more time explaining bonds to clients than stocks, mostly overcoming eight great misconceptions about fixed income.

6. The Stock Market’s Collapse is Near
by Eric Hickman, 4/26/21

There will be a large drawdown and an extended low/negative return period to balance out the above average return of the last 12 years.

7. David Rosenberg – The Consensus is Wrong about Stocks, Bonds and Inflation
by Robert Huebscher, 5/6/21

The consensus is that U.S. equities will deliver strong performance as the economy recovers, and that higher inflation will drive rising interest rates. All of that is wrong, according to David Rosenberg.

8. Retirement Planning in the Post-4% World
by David Blanchett, 2/25/21

Today’s low bond yields and high equity valuations have led many to jettison the traditional 4% initial safe-withdrawal rate assumption. But I will show that the optimal “safe” withdrawal rate depends considerably on the retiree.

9. Investing – Six Things I Learned in Business School That Were Absolutely Wrong
by Allan Roth, 9/6/21

I got my MBA at Kellogg nearly four decades ago and have been teaching investing for the last 20 years. Though not much has changed in the curriculum, over time I’ve realized that some things are downright wrong. Here are the big six.

10. Can the Stock Market Crash Like it Did in 2000?
by Michael Lebowitz, 12/2/21

This article contrasts the valuations and environments now and in 2000 to ask if it’s time to leave the party or stay and rock on. I provide a statistical analysis showing the downside risk facing the S&P 500.

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