Our Top 10 Most Popular Practice Management Articles of 2021

As is our custom, we conclude the year by reflecting on the 10 most-read practice management articles over the past 12 months. In decreasing order, based on the number of unique readers, those are:

1. Three-Question Survey You Must Send to All Prospects
by Sara Grillo, 6/27/21

Hundreds of prospect meetings, down the drain – and all because I neglected doing this one simple thing. Here is a three-question prospecting survey that you must send out before every meeting with a new lead.

2. My Financial Planning Practice – Ten Things I Did Right and Wrong
by Allan Roth, 7/26/21

Looking back at my personal financial planning practice, there are some things I’ve done right and some mistakes I’ve made along the way.

3. The Most Consequential Decision Facing Your Clients – Medicare Advantage versus Medigap
by Joanne Giardini-Russell, 3/9/21

Every year. Every day. I teach clients that they must choose one of two paths to complete their Medicare coverage.

4. One-Sentence Elevator Pitches that Get Prospects' Attention
by Sara Grillo, 3/4/21

Everything you’ve been taught about elevator pitches is wrong. I’m here to show you a much simpler way.

5. Five Tips to De-Stress the Entree into Medicare
by Joanne Giardini-Russell, 2/4/21

Your clients have one last thing to check off on their retirement checklist: Medicare enrollment. Here is how they can de-stress the process.

6. Six Steps for Effective Social Security Claiming
by Wade Pfau, 12/13/21

Clients struggle with making right the Social Security claiming decision. This article provides a six-step process to guide clients through the complexity of Social Security.

7. Andy Friedman: Biden Tax Plan Will Get a “Major Haircut”
by Robert Huebscher, 9/22/21

President Biden’s sweeping package of tax increases will get passed this year, according to Andy Friedman. But it will get a “major haircut,” he said.

8. One-Sentence Emails That Will Close a Prospect
by Sara Grillo, 1/26/21

If you could send a one-line email and get a prospect’s attention, how would you do it?

9. The Four-Step Process that Makes Your Competition Miserable
by Sara Grillo, 8/16/21

Outshine the competition prior to the first meeting with a prospect using this four-step process.

10. Don’t Fear the Meter: The Inescapable Future for the Hourly Revenue Model
by Bob Veres, 12/6/21

Is it possible that, as the planning profession matures, all planners will eventually follow the same path that every other profession has followed, and charge on an hourly basis for the advice they give – like lawyers, tax professionals and accountants?

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