The Four-Step Process that Makes Your Competition Miserable

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Advisors say they work hard, but for most of them it’s only until it’s time to go golfing. Exploit this weakness in the competition by showing prospects you’re working harder than they are starting on day one.

Outshine the competition prior to the first meeting with a prospect using this four-step process.

This is not for lazy advisors or clients

Before I get into this, let me eliminate the lazy people:

  • This process is going to take about 30 minutes to complete. If you’re too lazy, then stop reading this article and go take a nap. “Arrivederci,” as my nonna used to say!
  • This process is going to increase the amount of time spent on prospecting. That is all the more reason to clearly define who you will and will not work with on your website. You don’t want to do all this and find out the person isn’t qualified. If that happens, it’s your own fault for not having the chutzpah to be upfront about your AUM minimums or other requirements.
  • Some prospects will drop out once they see the work that is required of them as a prospect. To that I will quote Steam’s song, “Na na na na, hey hey- ey, goodbye!” Get those loser prospects out of your life before they become loser clients and make your life miserable.