The Ten Best Practice Management Articles You Probably Missed

Great articles don’t always get the readership they deserve. We’ve posted the 10 most-widely read practice management articles for the past year here. Below are another 10 that you might have missed, but I believe merit reading:

1. Five Clues Your Client is Cheating on You with Another Advisor

by Sara Grillo, 7/7/20

Here are the red flags that your client is sneaking and creeping around with another advisor.

2. A Comparison of Risk Tolerance Products

by Bob Veres, 4/27/20

Bear markets beget portfolio losses, unhappy clients and, sadly, lawsuits against advisors. If you relied on any of the popular risk tolerance products to construct that portfolio, here’s how you are likely to fare under the careful scrutiny of an arbitrator.

3. The Six Worst Advisor Pandemic Clichés of 2020

by Sara Grillo, 10/7/20

Here’s my take on the six worst pandemic clichés that advisors keep using, which are ruining their credibility.

4. What to Say in Response to “Let’s Talk After Things Settle Down”

by Sara Grillo, 4/30/20

When you hear, “Let’s talk after things settle down,” it is a stall. Here’s how to respond.

5. How the New COBRA Rules Affect Health Insurance Planning

by Carolyn McClanahan, 7/30/20

At a time when health insurance coverage is of vital importance, what are the options for your newly unemployed clients? The answer to that question depends on a new regulatory change involving COBRA coverage.

6. Zoom Etiquette from a Confessed Offender

by Sara Grillo, 5/11/20

Ever wonder if you’re offending others on your Zoom calls?

7. Oops I Did It Again: Five Marketing Mistakes You Are Already Making in 2020

by Bob Hanson, 1/2/20

Correct these five common advisor marketing mistakes in 2020. Make it your best year ever and stay true to those resolutions.

8. Measuring the Quality of an Advisory Firm

by Bob Veres, 2/17/20

We’ve all gritted our teeth whenever one of the trade magazines comes out with a list of the “top” wealth management firms, ranked from “top” to “bottom” based on the absolute least meaningful way to measure the quality of an advisory business: their AUM. The goal of such lists should be to identify those firms that are best at serving their clients and are managed in a healthy and sustainable way. Here’s a way to rank firms that achieves that goal.

9. Five Advisor Sites with Great Visual Content

by Samantha Russell, 6/19/20

I’m sharing and analyzing five examples of great visual content from financial advisors.

10. Get a Killer Smile for Your LinkedIn Picture

by Sara Grillo, 6/29/20

With more advisors turning to social media during the pandemic, your LinkedIn profile picture has to be killer. I’m going to start with some smile basics, and then I’ll describe specific types of smiles and how to pull it off.

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