Five Advisor Sites with Great Visual Content

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It’s been echoed time and time again: we live in a visual world. People process visual content a shocking 60,000 times faster than text. For financial advisors, that means in order to win the attention of prospects, you need to win them over visually. Employing visual content in your firm’s marketing strategy is a must. Well-made visuals communicate more effectively, are pleasing to the eye, and improve your overall chances of converting leads.

You might be asking, “What actually constitutes a ‘well-made visual’?” Working with hundreds of advisors over the years, I’ve seen some great applications of visuals in content marketing… and some well, not so great ones.

I’m sharing and analyzing five examples of great visual content from financial advisors.

1. WealthKeel, LLC

WealthKeel, LLC, an advisory firm, with a niche of serving physicians, placed the visual below on its homepage. A visual like this is impactful for a number of reasons, especially knowing that 81% of users only skim online content. If WealthKeel had put this content into paragraph form, all of that information would’ve been lost to visitors.

Prospective clients who visit your website don’t sit and digest every morsel of detail. They will develop a first impression (in two-tenths of a second!), scan your content, and then make a decision whether to leave or investigate your company further.

This is exactly why it’s so important to compress information into compelling visuals such as this. It’s to the point, visually stimulating, and informative. Icons like WealthKeel uses serves the same psychological purpose as paragraph breaks – icons visually break up a large amount of content, making it less intimidating and likely for someone to hang our on your website longer. If you’re searching for icons to use on your advisor website we recommend using a service like Noun Project, which offers millions of icons that can be tailored to your brand guidelines and some for completely free.