The Six Worst Advisor Pandemic Clichés of 2020

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No lie: It crossed my mind last week to delete my LinkedIn account – and social media is what I do for a living. The social media blathering has crescendoed to a deafening level.

Here’s my take on the six worst pandemic clichés that advisors keep using which are ruining their credibility.

First, however, let’s review what a cliché is and why you should never use one. A cliché is a phrase, where, if you someone tells you the beginning, you can fill in the rest. For example, if I said a cliché is a phrase that has been, “beaten to…,” you would know the next word is, “death.” A cliché is a sign the writer is lazy. It shows a lack of thought and originality in one’s writing, and that’s why it can destroy your credibility.

  1. In these uncertain or challenging times

This phrase had some emotional value, but it’s painfully overused. It has become a ho-humish way to talk about what we are going through. And half the time whatever point you are introducing with this phrase isn’t worth reading about anyways.

Whenever you find yourself writing this, stop and tell yourself to have something better to say.