Get a Killer Smile for Your LinkedIn Picture

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With more advisors turning to social media during the pandemic, your LinkedIn profile picture has to be killer. I’m going to start with some smile basics, and then I’ll describe specific types of smiles and how to pull it off.

Smile basics

Smiling is something we do all the time, but when asked to do it for the camera it causes problems. But the smile is the most powerful aspect of your LinkedIn profile picture (headshot), so you need to overcome those problems.


Eyes should always be looking right at the camera, even if your body isn’t pointed directly at the camera. Not looking straight at the viewer has a disconcerting effect; yet I see people doing this all the time.

If fatigue, illness or dehydration show in your eyes, reschedule the photo shoot.

Minimal distractions

The smile should be the most dominant feature of the picture. Add too many other elements and it takes away from the power of the smile. This is one of the only times I advocate for boredom.

Opt for a plain, understated background for your social media headshot. Stand in front of a plain wall and don’t let the photographer talk you into a pattern. I’ve learned this from experience.