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How to Educate Clients about Alternative Investing – and other alts-related news

With new data emerging showing consumers lack an understanding of alternative investments, we explore different alternative strategies investors can use to help educate their clients.

How a $3+ Billion Firm Implemented a Successful Internal Succession Plan

Here is how a 40-something became a second-generation owner-executive of a $3+ billion firm. The two founders of the firm have retired.

Time Segmentation as the Compromise Solution for Retirement Income

Time segmentation is wildly popular in practice and it goes by many different names. But it is also the least studied retirement-income approach. Whether time segmentation is a superior investing approach for retirement income has led to many heated debates.

Do I Need a Succession Plan if I Will Never Retire?

I don’t see myself retiring. I have two children in their mid 20s. They could take over my firm if need be. I resent my team inferring that I don’t have a succession plan. Is there a polite way to tell them to back off?

Middle-Class Wage Stagnation Is a First-World Problem – The World is Getting Richer

A common lament during the presidential campaign was over middle-class income stagnation and the wealth of the top 1%. But are most people getting poorer while the rich get richer? In a sparkling – and delightfully short – new contribution to the econo-optimist genre, Johan Norberg, author of Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future, emphatically answers “no.”

Why it’s So Hard – and So Important – to Empathize with Prospects

The combination of high anxiety and a subconscious bias against taking affirmative action means you need to harness all the tools at your disposal to have a successful outcome with a prospect. The use of empathy is critical.

What’s the Difference between a TAMP and a Robo?

Are “robos” nothing more than the latest version of TAMPs – turn-key asset management platforms?

The Full Results from our Software Survey

The 2017 Software Survey, co-sponsored by Advisor Perspectives, Inside Information and the T3 conference, is available. On behalf of the sponsors, I want to thank the 1,064 professionals who participated. What did we learn?

Life – 2017 Edition

This article will be quite different from my previous ones. I am not going to talk about the stock market, particular stocks, the economy, or the new president. Instead I’ll talk about life.

Seven Ways to Use Live Streaming

Since live streaming is an imperative of the future of marketing, business owners must learn more about it. I’ll outline the most popular live streaming options and key ways you can use them to better reach your current and prospective clients.

Less is More When Meeting with Prospects

Unfortunately, the way advisors convey information ignores basic principles of neuroscience. It is the equivalent of pouring water into a glass that is already full.

(Mis)Defining Quality: Counting When It Cannot be Counted

This article will limit itself to a specific component of yet another boom – the boom in the involvement of PhDs and quants in financial markets and the newly discovered quality factor.

Robos are Taking Away Our Jobs (and it’s not just advisors)

When robots and automation have taken over not only the agriculture and manufacturing jobs but even the high-level service jobs, who will drive consumption? Will the economy stagnate? These are the questions posed by Martin Ford in his challenging, important and well-researched book, Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future.

When Your Boss Tells You to Work with a Coach

I am worried about a coach my boss wants me to use. Do I share my concerns and take my chances? Share very little and hope it isn’t obvious?

Psychology of Retirement Income Satisfaction

Recent research on the psychology of spending reveals a new perspective in the psychology of retirement income satisfaction.