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Igniting the Spark!

I lack motivation to work with my staff and mentor or coach. Is this what happens to every advisor who has been doing this for a while?

The Powerful Relationship Between Dating and Closing Prospects

Being rejected by someone you hoped to date leaves a painful memory, just as does losing a prospect who was a good fit for planning services. Here’s the powerful lesson that avoids losses – in both situations!

Which type of annuity are you most likely to recommend to a client?

This is the second week of a weekly poll series we will launch on our site. It takes one minute and once you submit your response you'll be taken to a page where you can see the results. Continue the conversation on the results page about why you chose your answer by clicking on "COMMENT ON" APViewpoint link.

Poll question: Which type of annuity are you most likely to recommend to a client?

Insurance & Annuities Poll: The Results

Jeremy Siegel: The S&P 500 is Fairly Valued

The bull market in U.S. equities is behind us, according to Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel, who says that the S&P 500 is now “fairly priced.”

Six Themes That Will Drive the Next Five Years

Those looking for an optimistic forecast for U.S. equities can turn to Northern Trust. Bob Browne, its chief investment officer, identified six themes that will drive the capital markets over the next five years. Taken together, they translate to 5.9% annual returns for U.S. stocks over that period, which includes 2017.

Ongoing Contributions to a Donor Advised Fund

While the initial gift to a client’s fund may tend to be the largest, we should not ignore the opportunity to continue to incorporate donor-advised funds into the client’s ongoing charitable plan.

Neil Hennessy – The Opportunities in Mid-Cap and Japanese Stocks

Neil Hennessy is a portfolio manager and chief investment officer at Hennessy Funds. In this interview, he discusses the compelling opportunities in mid-cap and Japanese stocks, and what RIAs should be doing in advance of the next market correction.

Thanksgiving and the Long-Term Pilgrimage of Interest Rates

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of our history. Financial planners are the voice of the financial industry for many of our clients. Here’s a bit about the history of interest rates in this wonderful country of ours as well as globally.

How do you measure an active manager’s success?

Financial research and technology can dissect individual funds to attribute the reasons behind performance.

Do market-cap differences translate into performance variations?

How the major indexes approach the markets.

Seven Tips for a Firm Name Prospects Won’t Forget

Most firm names are so bland and nondescript that it’s like having no name at all. There’s zero brand identity. Here are some of the worst mistakes advisors have made naming their firms.

Gundlach’s Top ETF Recommendation

The money to be made is in non-U.S. markets, according to Jeffrey Gundlach. For long-term investors, he recommends a specific ETF.

Ian Bremmer – The End of the Global Free Market

The U.S. is no longer fit to lead in global governance and that is driving a change in the world order. As a result, the coming decade will be vastly more unstable, according to Ian Bremmer.

Mohamed El-Erian – Which Asset Classes are Most Vulnerable

Mohamed El-Erian says that investors have been “enticed to become increasingly exposed to historically illiquid asset class segments.” Here are the asset classes and ETFs that are most at risk.