LifeX Funds Answer the Call

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The call, in review

Last July, here in Advisor Perspectives, I issued an open letter to the annuity industry requesting the introduction of a product to meet the needs of independent advisors who adhere to a safety-first, goals-based investing philosophy. The desired product would provide the following:

1. A guaranteed, CPI-adjusted income stream…

2. …for the lifetime of the annuitant(s)…

3. …beginning now (like a single-premium immediate annuity or SPIA) or at whatever future date we choose (like a deferred-income annuity or DIA).

4. It can be purchased without death benefit, surrender/remainder value, or other add-on that would reduce income (and increase fees) …

5. …but it has a cash value, or other method of eliminating conflicts of interest for fee-only advisors.

In a twist worthy of an early M. Night Shyamalan movie,1 my call has been answered to a remarkable degree…by a mutual fund company!