BlackRock’s New Defined-Maturity TIPS ETFs

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About This Episode

On October 24, 2022, precisely a year ago, we published an article by Allan Roth in Advisor Perspectives, The 4% Rule Just Became a Whole Lot Easier. The idea for that article came from a conversation that Allan and I had. I noted that real rates, as expressed by TIPS, were about 1.75%. I thought that it would be possible to lock in the proverbial 4% safe withdrawal rate. Allan did the analysis and found that, indeed, a 4.36% safe withdrawal rate was possible. That article received widespread attention throughout the financial media. Perhaps it even had a role in the introduction of BlackRock’s new suite of defined-maturity TIPS ETFs.

About Our Guest

Dhruv Nagrath is director of fixed-income strategy at BlackRock

Dhruv Nagrath, CFA, director, is a fixed income product strategist in the Indexed Fixed Income & LDI organization within BlackRock's Portfolio Management Group (PMG). He is primarily responsible for supporting BlackRock’s U.S. wealth advisory clients in their use of bond ETFs. He partners with BlackRock’s sales teams to deliver insights and thought leadership on fixed income markets and ETFs.

Most recently, Mr Nagrath was an investment strategist in the iShares investment strategy team where he was responsible for delivering macro strategy insights using ETFs. Prior to that, Mr Nagrath was a product strategist at BlackRock Australia responsible for supporting ETF adoption across institutional and retail market segments.

Mr Nagrath joined BlackRock in July 2014. Prior to joining BlackRock, he was a commercial litigation lawyer. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce with honours in finance in 2009 and a Bachelor of Laws with honours in 2011, both from the University of Sydney, Australia. Mr Nagrath is a CFA charterholder.

Show Notes

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