Do Advisors Deliver What Consumers Want?

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About This Episode

Earlier this month, I attended Bob Veres’ Insiders Forum conference in San Antonio. As it is every year, the highlight of the conference is Bob’s presentation of the Insiders Forum leadership award. This year’s recipient was Angie Herbers, my guest today. I cannot overstate the significance of this award. Virtually every other award in the advisor profession is part of a pay-for-play scheme, where the award is made with the expectation that the recipient will pay to attend some expensive dinner or to get the right to use the award publicly. But this award is purely merit-based and recognizes the contributions that individuals have made to advance the advisor profession.

Those contributions were evident in the presentation Angie made about her most recent research after receiving her award, and she is here today to share some of those findings.

About Our Guest

Angie Herbers is the managing partner of Herbers & Company, the consulting firm she founded, which is based in Austin, Texas.

Angie Herbers is founder and managing partner of Herbers & Company, a full-service consulting firm serving financial advisory firms across the globe. She brings over two decades of experience in human capital consulting, growth consulting, and client experience modeling to help financial advisory firms achieve long-term, scalable growth.

Angie is a veteran writer and researcher for the advisory industry. Her industry and consumer research have won many industry awards and has been featured in numerous trade publications across the world. Angie is a graduate of Kansas State University in family studies and human services, personal financial planning, and business minor.

Show Notes

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