The Latest Developments in Direct Indexing

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About This Episode

Direct indexing is the most powerful trend sweeping through the advisory profession. When done right, it lets clients build low-cost, tax-efficient, and highly customized portfolios. Those portfolios can track a broad market index or implement a factor-based strategy. They can follow an ESG or sustainability mandate. Here to discuss the latest developments in the direct indexing world are two members of Envestnet’s management team.

About Our Guests

Brandon Thomas joins us as QRG’s managing principal and chief investment officer and is responsible for the firm’s strategy and oversees portfolio management capabilities. Brandon is also a co-founder of Envestnet and the co-chief investment officer of Envestnet.

As QRG’s principal and director of quantitative research, Janis Zvingelis, PhD, CFA, is responsible for leading QRG's research efforts and oversees the firm’s trading functions. Janis is a member of both QRG affiliates Envestnet | PMC and Envestnet Retirement Solutions Investment Committees.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Direct Indexing Overview and a link to the QRG Website. Here is a link to the Quantitative Portfolio brochure.

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