Northern Trust Asset Management’s Capital Market Forecast

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About This Episode

Every year, Northern Trust Asset Management issues a multi-asset class, five-year investment outlook known as its Capital Market Assumptions Report. Per the recently released 2023 edition, Northern Trust is expecting market returns to be slightly below long-term historical averages. While they believe lower stock valuations may provide some support, upside will be limited by higher interest rates. They see a somewhat similar dynamic playing out with bonds, where returns will be supported by higher yields that will be capped by flatter global yield curves. Among the six investment themes they’ve identified as driving markets over the next five years are Slow Growth Transitions, which looks at such slow transitions across the globe as pandemic to endemic; globalization to regionalization; and fossil fuels to renewables. Here today to discuss CMA’s themes and forecasts is Chris Shipley.

About Our Guest

Chris Shipley is chief investment strategist for North America at Northern Trust Asset Management, which offers the extensive lineup of Northern mutual funds and FlexShares ETFs. He is responsible for the strategic and tactical asset allocation policy for its institutional and wealth management clients. Chris is a voting member of the firm’s tactical asset allocation committee and investment policy committee. He also is co-portfolio manager of the Northern Global Tactical Asset Allocation Fund.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Northern Trust’s Capital Market Assumptions Report.

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