Technology Trends that are Reshaping the Advisor Profession

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About This Episode

The right technology platform with the right integrations and support is critical to the success of an advisor's growth and client engagement. Each piece must be right, but it's the blending that drives the value. Understanding the advisor's needs and involving them in the decision process is vital to the success. This needs to be done at all levels of product development, from strategy and design, to testing, support and ongoing feedback. My guest today will explain how he has managed and navigated this process with one of the largest advisor networks, Commonwealth Financial.

About Our Guest

Patrick Daniel joined Commonwealth in December 2000 as a developer on the application solutions team, helping build many of the core tools used by advisors, staff and clients. He shifted into a managerial role, helping grow the team and drive the evolution of product areas focused on asset management, reporting, planning, document management and client experience. In January 2019, he became director, advisor technology solutions.

Show Notes

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