What to Look for in the SEC’s ESG Rulemaking

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About This Episode

ESG regulations and standards are proliferating across the globe. Along with that has been a surge in ESG investor appetite and fund launches. That puts ESG at the center of dialogue among financial advisors. It is increasingly likely that US policymakers will move to integrate ESG into its regulatory landscape in the near future, as Europe has already done. My guest, Adrian Whelan, will discuss the key ESG themes, including how these are likely to influence US policymakers. It is Adrian’s contention that ESG Is everywhere!

About Our Guest

Adrian Whelan is global head of regulatory intelligence at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). He is passionate about helping clients identify and interpret regulatory change. Adrian is focused on articulating the impacts to clients and their businesses and highlighting the opportunities they can create. He is the lead contributor to BBH’s On The Regs blog, and regularly shares insights on global regulatory topics. Adrian is active with the Investment Company Institute, Irish Funds, and the Investment Association.

Show Notes

Here are links to some resources from BBH:

ESG is Everywhere, But What Next? - Embracing the Future: Rule fragmentation and inconsistent definitions (bbh.com)

Europe Sketches Out Its Financial Future: ESG, Digital and Retail Access - Revisiting the Past: EU Capital Markets Union (bbh.com)

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SFDR Base Camp Reached: Now Comes the Hard Part (bbh.com)

Also interesting might be the BBH Stewardship Report – all financial firms are having to produce these now – they focus not on P&L and Balance Sheets but non financial measures of success like employee wellbeing – activism in the community and of course the environmental footprint of our business activities.