What Advisors Should Look for in Outsourced Solutions

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About This Episode

Amid the human tragedy brought on by the war in the Ukraine, there is a need to quickly and reliably expose assets aligned with Russia. But it’s hard to track the risks faced by big investors across diverse public and private assets that are multinational. Asset managers and regulators are turning to STP Investment Services, a Westchester, PA-based company and its BluePrint software platform that collects, processes, and presents constantly changing asset valuations for investments, from the investors who own them and from outside sources.

About Our Guest

Patrick Murray is the founder and president and CEO of STP Investment Services, a technology-enabled services company that provides solutions to investment managers, funds, family offices, wealth managers and plan sponsors with clients representing more than $330 billion in assets serviced.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the STP website, where you can learn more about Patrick, his company, and the services it offers.