How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Practice

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About This Episode

Podcasting is the most intimate medium for communicating and building a relationship with clients and prospects on their time – through opt-in marketing. My guest today, Matt Halloran, has founded the only podcasting company that has compliance completely figured out. It specializes in helping advisors and professionals in highly regulated industries to start a podcast that turns skeptics into pre-sold fans.

About Our Guest

Matt Halloran co-founded ProudMouth to help advisors sell less and advise more by amplifying their influence over a growing audience of magnetically attracted fans who’ll chase you down instead. To date, their team has produced over 4,000 podcast episodes and over 50,000 social media posts in one of the most highly regulated industries – financial services.

Show Notes

Matt is the host of ProudMouth’s podcasts, the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, where he shares marketing strategies tailored for advisors and connects with top industry leaders, and Be Your Own Loud, which features amazing people who've gained influence by being unapologetically themselves.

You can find Matt on LinkedIN, Twitter, his own website and the PodRocket Academy.