The Role of Gender in Delivering Financial Advice

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About This Episode

A recent study by Hartford Funds revealed that more than half of respondents believe that men and women have different financial needs. But only 24% said they want to work with a financial professional who caters to the needs of their gender. It is clear that investors simply want to be treated as individuals. To provide sound financial advice, it’s imperative that advisors avoid making generalizations based on age or gender. Instead, they must help clients plan for life’s circumstances by asking thoughtful questions. My guest today will explain why this enhanced focus on lifestyle goals and personalization will be the key to attracting the next generation of clients.

About Our Guest

Julie Genjac is a managing director, applied insights for Hartford Funds. She works with financial professionals in a practice-management capacity, including engaging and educating professionals and their clients about current and emerging opportunities in the financial services marketplace. These range from practice management, team dynamics, investment and retirement-income planning, to anticipating and preparing for long-term demographic and lifestyle changes.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the study that Julie mentioned in this podcast: Investors Want Gender-Neutral Financial Advice, Despite Perceived Differences in Financial Needs. Here is a link to the podcast where Julie discussed human-centric investing:Hartford Funds Human-centric Investing Podcast. Here is a link to the podcast I did with Julie last year on how to improve team efficiency.