The Asymmetric Solution to Risk Protection

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About This Episode

The bull market in U.S. equities has driven a need for investment products that protect against downside risk. But those products must offer upside participation because nobody will ring a bell when the market peaks. Advisors must consider defined-outcome ETFs, low-vol and long-short funds, structured insurance offerings and a variety of other products. My guest today is here to discuss a unique solution that meets the goals of upside participation and downside protection.

About Our Guest

Darren R. Schuringa, CFA is CEO of ASYMmetric ETFs. Darren successfully founded, grew and sold two ETF businesses: Yorkville ETF Advisors and Exchange Traded Concepts. His pioneering work in rule-based risk management led to one of the largest hedge fund seeds of 2015. ASYMmetric ETFs combines his background in hedge funds and ETFs to create his latest and most exciting ETF venture.

Show Notes

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