How Personalization Accelerates the Sales Cycle

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About This Episode

Last night, I went to the Positivly site and took its financial personality test. Positivly is an AI-driven advice hyper-personalization platform designed to help financial advisors drive new client growth and deepen relationships with existing clients. It aims to help advisors discover clients' unique financial personalities through a scientifically-backed financial personality assessment.

I was asked a series of 13 questions about my risk tolerance, investment priorities, and which causes – such as ESG – were most important to me. It took less than five minutes, and the results were quite accurate. It showed that I place a lot of weight on the safety of my investments and the purpose they fulfill, and that I don’t want to be burdened by worrying about my portfolio.

About Our Guest

Eric Weiss is the chief marketing officer of the WealthTech division of TIFIN, an innovator in the fintech space, which includes the Positivly product. He has more than 20 years of experience in startup, growth, and public technology companies, realizing multiple successful acquisitions and an IPO. Eric has a track record building and scaling high growth B2C and B2B disruptors in industries undergoing transformation — including financial services, telecom, cleantech, and cloud computing.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Positivly advisor page. Here is a short video for advisors.