Minisode - Making Annuities Available for RIAs

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About This Episode

Insurance-backed investments, or annuities, offer unique benefits not available in other asset management or investment strategies. And RIAs are starting to see the light, according to a recent survey from RetireOne and Protective Life Insurance. David Stone, RetireOne’s CEO, is my guest today, and will outline the results of its recent survey, how insurance products have changed in recent years, and the upcoming innovations in annuity products that financial advisors should keep an eye on.

About Our Guest

David Stone is the CEO and co-founder at RetireOne. As a former senior legal counsel to major life insurance companies, mutual funds and broker dealers, David has more than two decades of financial services experience as well as specific expertise in annuity product development and distribution.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the RetireOne web site. For those interested in the infographic with more survey insights, click on this link.