The Trends Reshaping the Advisory Profession

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About This Episode

My guest today, Stephanie Bogan, is here to talk about the key trends that will drive growth in the advisor profession over the next several years. We all know that the pandemic has disrupted the ways advice is marketed and delivered, placing a lot more emphasis on technology and competitive differentiation. Stephanie is here to explore those trends and offer steps for advisors seeking to achieve breakthrough growth.

About Our Guest

In her 20+ year career, Stephanie Bogan has authored The Power of Practice Management, written columns for Investment News and Financial Planning magazine as well as articles for, FA Magazine, and Advisor Perspectives, has been named an Industry Influential, spoken at nearly every major conference and remains a highly sought-after speaker, business strategist and executive coach. She is the founder of Limitless Advisor Coaching, now in its fourth successful year. In addition to her coaching work, she is a recognized industry thought leader and consults to various corporations, boards, and private equity firms on trends and opportunities in the industry.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Stephanie’s company, Limitless Advisor Coaching, where you can learn more about her services and programs. Advisors who are interested in delving further into this topic can join Stephanie Bogan, along with Michael Kitces, Robert Sofia, and Gavin Spitzner at second annual Limitless Success Summit on August 25th to talk shop on the trends and tactics you can leverage to drive rapid growth. Register for free at Here is a link to the podcast I did with Stephanie in October of last year