Minisode - The Trends That Will Reshape the Advisory Profession


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About This Episode

The wealth management industry is consolidating. A global pandemic did not slow the pace of merger and acquisition activity, with advisory practices being bought up by roll-up firms, banks and larger advisory firms. Some of the activity was fueled by private equity money and cheap debt financing abetted by the low-interest rate environment. Some of the activity is from publicly traded firms. Here to talk with me today about this and other key trends in the wealth space is Maura Creekmore.

About Our Guest

Maura Creekmore is a managing director and member of the executive committee for BNY Mellon Pershing. She is co-head of its wealth solutions segment, leading a team that serves wealth-oriented broker-dealers, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and trust companies, and the evolving and converging needs of these clients.

Show Notes

Here is a link for more information about BNY Pershing.