Is “Sales” a Dirty Word for Fiduciaries?

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About This Episode

Advisors, particularly those with a fiduciary mindset, want nothing to do with sales. That is understandable, as sales in the world of retail financial advice has caused a lot of harm. We need to look no further than the almost daily accounts of Ponzi schemes and fraudulent tactics that have deprived too many Americans of their life savings. But growth requires business development, marketing, promotion and … yes … sales. Here to talk about sales, why it has been labeled a dirty word, and how to redefine sales and make it work in a fiduciary context is Shauna Mace of Inspire Growth.

About Our Guest

Shauna Mace has spent her career in the financial services industry focused on building and expanding businesses and people. She began her career at an RIA, initially specializing in marketing and sales, which evolved into running the day-to-day business. She moved on to work at a fast-growing alternative asset manager, where she expanded her marketing and sales expertise across the RIA, independent and wirehouse channels.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Shauna’s web site, where you find out more about her and the services she offers. Here is a link to Shaua’s articles that have appeared in Advisor Perspectives.