Navigating the Inflection Points as an Advisor Practice Grows

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About This Episode

As an advisor firm grows, it will face a series of inflection points: when it transitions from a solo practitioner to a more leveraged business model; as it moves from a co-operative practice to an ensemble; and in the transition from a multi-advisor firm to a large-scale enterprise. Here to talk about those inflection points at the unique challenges they present is Kenton Shirk.

About Our Guest

Kenton Shirk is vice president of practice management at Commonwealth Financial Network. After a stint at Cerulli Associates, Kenton returned to Commonwealth in 2018. In his current role, he engages with advisor firms to address their most pertinent business issues, including strategic planning, structuring ensembles, merging or acquiring firms, nurturing human capital, building organizational design, and more.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Commonwealth Financial Network’s website, where you find can the practice management and other resources that Kenton and his team supply.