How to Improve the Virtual Client Meeting Experience

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About This Episode

My guest today, Ryan Sullivan, has written that, in crisis moments, the “pros” are “active.” If a client hasn’t called you, don’t assume they are not concerned. If they get the sense you’re avoiding contacting them, they may reach out to another financial professional for help. But in-person meetings have been ill-advised and phone calls don’t provide the level of connection clients need. Virtual meeting technology is a great option for staying in touch with clients, and Ryan is here to share his research on this topic.

About Our Guest

Ryan Sullivan is the managing director for applied insights at Hartford Funds. He leads communication workshops around the country and speaks on a variety of financial topics, with a focus on retirement research from the MIT AgeLab. He has provided insights to audiences in 46 states and Puerto Rico, as well as led hundreds of webinars. Given his unique background in both financial planning and applied improvisation, Ryan seeks to balance the very human aspects of planning for later life with appropriate humor—a necessity, given the opportunities and challenges advisors and their clients face as we age.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Hartford Funds’ web site, where you find out more about the company and the resources it offers for advisors. Here is a link to more about Ryan, including the research and articles he has written about how advisors can build trust and rapport with their clients. Here is a link to the podcast we did in December 2002 with John Diehl of Hartford Funds. Here are some articles that have appeared in Advisor Perspectives on Zoom meetings: A Guide for Zoom-Challenged Advisors, Don’t Make These Zoom Mistakes, and The Five “Ps” of Looking Great on a Zoom Call.