Diversity and Inclusion in the Asset Management Industry and Advisory Profession

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About This Episode

Shundrawn Thomas is perhaps the only and certainly one of the few African Americans who leads a global investment firm. He’s been quite outspoken and visible with his views on racism and inequities. Over the last year, he wrote three open letters to civic and business leaders which addressed them in an extremely personal and direct manner. He has also appeared numerous times on television presenting the investment case for gender diversity.

About Our Guest

Shundrawn Thomas serves as president of Northern Trust Asset Management, where he oversees approximately $1.1 trillion in assets. His responsibilities include developing long-term strategy, executing operating plans, cultivating client relationships, managing vendor relationships and developing talented professionals. He also serves as a member of the management group for Northern Trust Corporation.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the ICI survey on Diversity and Inclusion in Asset Management Industry. Here is a clip of Shundrawn appearing on Bloomberg to talk about diversity. Here are links to the two organizations mentioned in the podcast: The Latino Professionals Association and The Association of African-American Financial Advisors.

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