Introducing Accelerated ETFs™: Designed to double or triple your upside, to a cap, not your downside

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About This Episode

Our listeners do not need to be reminded of the lofty valuations in the U.S. equity market. The Shiller CAPE ratio is approximately 35, a value exceeded only at the peak of the dot-com bubble. Some claim those valuations are justified by the low-yield environment. But interest rates are pushing up, and equity prices continue to climb higher and higher. That has left advisors seeking solutions that protect against downside equity risk, but still offer upside opportunity.

About Our Guest

Bruce Bond, my guest today, is the creator of the leading product that addresses those needs – defined-outcome ETFs. He is the co-founder and CEO of Innovator Capital Management. Having cofounded Power Shares Capital Management in 2003, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of the ETF industry. His leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial vision challenged the conventional thinking about ETFs and blazed a trail that made way for the massive growth of what is known today as smart or strategic beta.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Innovator ETF web site. Here is a link to the webinar on Frontier Investing with LOUP.

Here is a link to the upcoming webinar on April 14, 2021 with Advisor Perspectives.