The Case for a Low-Volatility, High-Quality Strategy

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About This Episode

One of the most widely studied aspects of the capital markets is the low-volatility anomaly. It is the fact that low-volatility stocks have achieved higher performance than what theory predicts. My guest today, Dan Waldron, oversees one of the most popular ETFs based on that strategy. He is here to talk about how a low-volatility and high-quality strategy will achieve superior returns over time.

About Our Guest

Dan Waldron is a senior vice president and ETF strategist with First Trust Portfolios. He gives financial professionals information on the ETF landscape, including how to reassess their clients’ investment options, how to find alpha with ETFs and the many options available in the marketplace.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the First Trust web site, and here is a link to the page on that site that covers the First Trust Capital Strength ETF (FTCS). Here are links to the three ETFs that Dan mentioned in the podcast: FTGC, QCLN, and RDVY.