Todd Stottlemyre on Mastering the Art of Being an Observer

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About This Episode

Kat Van Slyke, the protagonist in my guest’s new novel, is a woman living a seemingly wonderful life. She runs a thriving apparel business that she built herself. She has a son who is a budding baseball star, and a role model in her father, who was once a star major league player. She lives in a fancy condominium, travels by private jet and has an expensive vacation home. But through a series of events, most of which were of her own making, her life quickly unravels. In that downward spiral, she learns many important lessons about business, family and life.

About Our Guest

Much of that story line is drawn from life of Todd Stottlemyre, who is my guest today. You may recognize Todd’s name because he was a major league pitcher from 1988-2002, a career which included two World Series championships with the Toronto Blue Jays. Todd’s father, Mel, was also a star pitcher from 1964 to 1974 with the New York Yankees. Todd is also among an elite group of professional athletes who have gone on to have highly successful business careers. In Todd’s case, it was in the financial services industry.

Show Notes

Here is a link to buy Todd’s new book, The Observer: A Modern Fable On Mastering Your Thoughts & Emotions, on Amazon.