Minisode - A Platform for Investing in the Private Markets

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About This Episode

PPB Capital Partners is a platform to access alternative funds with investment minimums as low as $100,000 and no sales charges or platform fees. It was launched in July of 2008, meaning that it successfully navigated the 2008 financial crisis. PPB has successfully invested in over 250 funds and it is actively working with over 100 private wealth firms around the U.S., with nearly $2 billion in capital commitments. PPB delivers a process to operationally streamline the often complicated and onerous process of investing in the private markets.

About Our Guest

Brendan Lake is founder, president and CEO of PPB Capital Partners. Brendan architected PPB’s alternative investment platform by creating a streamlined, turnkey approach for wealth advisors to access the private markets.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the PPB Capital Partners web site, where you can find more information about Brendan, his team and the services he offers.