Minisode - A New Actively Managed ETF – the Love Our Planet & People Fund (LOPP)

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About This Episode

Last month, Gabelli Funds launched the Love Our Planet & People ETF – symbol LOPP – to reflect its mandate to invest in companies committed to sustainable practices such as renewable energy and the reduction or recycling of long-lived wastes. LOPP will focus on areas where the team already has extensive experience researching and investing in companies involved in forward-looking sectors including renewable power generation (wind, solar, water), electric transmission and storage, electric mobility, waste reduction and recycling, water conservation and treatment, and human nutrition throughout the world.

About Our Guest

Chris Marangi is co-chief investment officer, value of GAMCO Investors, Inc. and serves as portfolio manager of value solutions. Chris began his career at GAMCO as a research analyst covering the media industry sector, and later went on to lead the digital and media research team. Prior to GAMCO, he served as an investment banking analyst with J. P. Morgan & Co., and later joined private equity firm Wellspring Capital Management.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the GAMCO investors web site, where you can find more information about LOPP.