A Practical Guide to Behavioral Finance

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About This Episode

The future of financial advice is evolving. The real value of an advisor not only requires the ability to build a plan and portfolio, but to guide clients through the process, unearth their values and emotions, and change their behavior for the better. A realm of the relationship is called the human side of money. Here today to talk about that human side and how advisors can leverage the science of behavioral finance is Brendan Frazier.

About Our Guest

Brendan Frazier is the founder of Wired Planning, where he teaches advisors and planners around the world how to deliver better client outcomes and grow their practices and firms by focusing on the practical application of behavioral finance. He's also the host of the Human Side of Money podcast, a show for financial advisors and planners where he interviews some of the brightest minds within the industry and experts outside the industry on behavior, psychology and communication with a focus on how it can be applied to financial advice.

Show Notes

For more information on Brendan and his firm, you can visit the Wired Planning website. Here is a link to his Human Side of Money podcast.