Minisode - Why Traditional Valuation Metrics Don’t Work Any More

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About This Episode

We live in an era where traditional valuation metrics are under greater scrutiny, and investors are looking for an updated toolset to make better decisions. My guest today, Tom Cole, will explain how investors can better answer their valuation concerns by utilizing modern tools instead of outdated ratios. He will tell us why the shares of Apple (AAPL) no longer attractively valued and the ex-US markets are ripe for value investors.

About Our Guest

Tom Cole is the CEO and co-founder of Distillate Capital. Tom previously was the chief investment officer at Institutional Capital, LLC (ICAP), a Chicago-based value investment firm. Prior to joining ICAP in 2012, Tom was head of U.S. Equities at UBS Global Asset Management. Tom held several other senior investment roles at UBS and its predecessor organization, Brinson Partners, going back to 1985.

Show Notes

For more information on Distillate Capital and its ETFs, you can visit its website. Its ETFs are the Distillate U.S. Fundamental Stability & Value ETF (symbol DSTL) and the Distillate International Fundamental Stability & Value ETF (symbol DSTX).