Minisode - Thematic Investing in the Era of the Pandemic

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About This Episode

One of the enduring effects of the pandemic will be the structural changes it inflicts on the economy. Some industries – hotels, travel, restaurants – may be obliterated or radically changed. Others, like those that support the podcasting technology I am using now, will be at the forefront of accelerated growth. With the advent of thematic ETFs, investors can position themselves for this structurally evolving economy. My guest today, Jon Maier is here to discuss the role of thematic ETFs in your clients’ portfolios.

About Our Guest

Jon is the chief investment officer of Global X and joined the firm in 2017. He works to shape the firm’s market outlook, to lead the construction of model portfolios, to craft the firm’s investment strategy, and to contribute to the development of ETF products.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Global X website, where you can learn more about the products it offers.